Thursday, December 9, 2010

Take it back... TAKE IT ALL BACK!

So we had our girls weekend and it was So much fun.

We got to KC around 530. Just in time to put the food in the oven. Andrea made her fabulous enchiladas and Carly made some Ah-mazing guacamole. Which we all know how much I heart some guac! We all sat around and talked for most of the night catching up, telling stories and maybe a little bit of gossip! Leah, Kathryn & I were staying in the hotel so we headed home around 1230. We THOUGHT our friends were going to bed too, but turns out they headed out to the bar down the street and stayed up a little to late.

So when Leah and I woke the next morning saw the pictures they posted on FB from the night we figured they were going to be: a. feeling like crap b. really tired or c. all of the above.
So we headed out to shop while they slept it off. We met the 3 sleeping beauties around 11 for brunch at a place called ingredients. I had a wonderful breakfast burrito and 2 LARGE cups of coffee. I also learned that in the time that it takes me to drink 1 regular coffee & 2 large coffees, it takes Leah to drink a small. Andrea appeased me and Kathryn by taking us to Nordstrom's.

That is one thing I will say that I really miss about Dallas. At the time I really didn't shop there all that much, but now I realize what a fabulous store it is and how I WISH we had one.

We also got SUPER crazy and spent a while at Babies R Us for KABB. Andrea made the comment about how much things have changed, we now spend girls weekends at Babies R US!

For dinner Andrea took us to a tapas place and it was really good. I had goat cheese, which I have tried several times and I still have determined that I am not the biggest fan of the goat cheese.

The next morning Andrea took us to the great restaurant where she use to work and I really think that I my weight in Huevos Rancheros. Plus they had this awesome appetizer bar set up for you to eat at while you are waiting for your food. If was alone, I may have licked the plate. The humus was so good!

All in all it was a really fun weekend and I loved spending time with everyone. I am not going to lie though, I was very excited to get home to my sweet hubs and precious pup!

I am on the way out of town and Kelly texts me to remind me... that Joseph A Banks is having a sale.

Well Sunday I am sitting on the couch...

Hubbs- "They are having a shirt sale at JAB."

Me- "Great babe.. is it the SAME sale you mentioned to me on FRIDAY?"

Hubbs- "Yep, did you get a chance to go this weekend?"

Me- "No babe I didn't."

Hubbs-- "UGH whatever I hope you are kidding."

So I sneak in to the bedroom and get my card number and type it in to my phone so he won't see it.

I go and sit on the couch and start online shopping. Well I added all the shirts to my basket and I was ready to purchase but I got distracted.

Well Kelly gets the computer and starts shopping and ends up getting on the JAB site. He then proceeds to check the cart history. He is such a SURPRISE RUINER!

I then decided to go after work on Monday.

Well I get home and I am sneaking to put the bag in the closet and I hear

"HEY, can you help.. What are you doing babe?"

Me- "AGH! did you see?"

Hubbs- "yeah I saw the bag"

Me- "Did you see what was in it?"

Hubbs- "NOPE"

I then proceed to wrap presents..

Hubbs- "Did you just wrap my presents in front of me?"

Me- "Yes I did"

Hubb- "So you just wrapped my shirts in front of me"


Hubbs- "AHA! So you did get me shirts.'
Seriously?? I am taking them back.. ALL of them. BACK!
So Kelly is out of town this weekend. I am fine with our little weekends alone, but I feel like we haven't spend quality time in a while.

I am excited to have the WHOLE bed to spread out on, not excited to sleep alone.

I am excited to watch girl movies (which include Fa La La La Lifetime & the Xmen series), but sad I have no one to snuggle with.

I am VERY excited to eat whatever I want for dinner and not have to worry about cooking... Last time I was alone I ate a whole cucumber and rice with salsa. This time I am thinking hot dogs! Don't judge me. I heart hot dogs. Maybe I will get a little crazy and cut up the hot dogs and throw them in some mac and cheese!

I am NOT excited about running my 11 miles alone.



aWare said...

Oh my are beyond funny! HAHA! hot dogs!!!

GlowinGirl said...

What a great time you had with your girlfriends. I love times like that -- for me they are rare these days. I share your love of guacamole, but I must admit, I'm not a huge fan of hot dogs and I do like goat cheese. :) But, hey, you eat the dogs, and I the goat, and we won't fight over the same food!

Merry Christmas to you and yours.