Saturday, January 30, 2010

not so much..

didn't do a thing that was on my list of snowed in things... whoops!

i did play in the snow with my wonderful husband and beautiful pup, watched the hangover, and found what i want  to do for my birthday!!
I know everyone who knows me knows i love love love my birthday! 
well i found this today and i want to go in honor of my birthday.. since we ran st jude i have a soft spot in my heart and like to do things that support the cause!
St. Jude's Signature Bash

      Times: Friday, March 12, 2010

7:00 pm
Ticket price: $50.00
Presented by I.O. Metro. Enjoy food, live entertainment, and both live and silent auctions. Cocktail attire. Pratt Place Barn
Fayetteville, AR
you can learn more here.
hummm, another charity i think i need to volunteer for!
 Since our church was cancelesd... i will post pictures of our snow day tomorrow!

snowed in

So after all the trash talking i have done about the weather.. turns out i was wrong. :) Blah blah blah.. So today I am snowed on in with about 8" of snow. So what to do when you are snowed in?
I have several things that i want to do that i haven't had the attention span time.
Here are some pictures of kelly & callaways fun in the snow last night!
yes that is my husband and puppy running down our street!

callaway gets so excited

*Scrapbooking.. I haven't done any in a while and i was already behind to start with. I think the last time i sat down to do it i worked on my page of when we got callaway! If you were wondering callaway is over 2 years old! It is like i told abby my fellow blogger & friend, i get in the mood to do it, then i get all the stuff out to work on it and once it is all out.. i loose all motivation!

*deep cleaning.. i really want need to go through and hardcore clean the house. I am talking baseboards, dusting, shower scrubbing, and all that other fun stuff! I think today this will be a last resort!

*File.. i know this sounds random, but i have a ton of stuff that i need to file and put in there proper folders. Right now it is all in a pile in my spare bedroom waiting for me to put it up!

Next up...
What i am reading right now.
Thanks to jenni i started reading Nora Roberts' 3 Witches Trilogy

I read Dance upon the air in two days.. It was very good. So of course i need to start the 2nd one asap... now just how to get it in this snow storm?

Last night we watched Paradise Lost. The story of the West Memphis 3.
I think kelly and i differ on the outcome, but it was very interesting to watch the story. I am not saying i think they are innocent or guilty, but what i am saying is i think the trial and the evidence for the case was very circumstantial and they were very siloed and focused on the 3 and didn't really explore other options.

My pup has developed a little bit of an independent streak. Normally he always sleeps with us. The past couple of nights he has gotten down from the bed and slept here.


It bothers me that he slept here... so much so that I will now go and pick him up and put him back in the bed with us!

 Happy snow day!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

pants on fire!


Everyone is freaking out about the “worst storm in YEARS” today and let me tell you what I think.. liar liar pants on fire. In fact I almost wonder if the weather station is receiving a percentage of the profit the generator manufacturers are getting. It is flippin insane how much they have hyped this storm up. It kind of reminds me of when Y2K happened! I worked at the bank inside of the supercenter and people were buying carts full of stuff for the end of the world! Not to make to much fun, but they sold out of ketchup… humm to me if the world is coming to an end that is not going to be high on my list of staples.. this however may be…

I mean Wal-mart (I live in Bentonville, AR-is there another store?) has had a run on peanut butter, water, spam, and batteries!

A few of the girls I work with were talking about how they were out of bread also. People have started buying mass quantities of hamburger meat and hamburger buns so that if the power does go out they will be able to use their grill!! Not saying that is dumb in fact I think it is very smart. But again I think the storm is all hype.

To me it feels like every time we think a big one is rolling in and going to cause massive issues—nothing will happen, or if something does happen it will be a fraction of the expectation! Then on the opposing side, when we are not ready for it, mother natures hits us with a huge storm and leaves us confined to our homes for a week!

Now with the warning time being pushed back for the 3rd time I feel that they are WRONG!
well i guess i am off to buy a genorator, some spam, and some new books to read!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

workin out wednesday...

So today I ran at lunch today.. I love to run at lunch because it seems to be warmer in the afternoon than at 530 when I am off work , because it is very easy to loose the motivation on the drive home, and because Kelly is hardcore p90xing it and isn’t running as much (which means that I don’t have a running partner at night) so all of those things cause me to want to run at lunch. One other reason is because the “lunch runners” at work are fast so it pushes me to to run faster..
I do not like running at lunch because I am not running with kelly. I know it may sound cheesy or corny to some of you, but kelly and i started running together... it was something that we do together and enjoy. So it makes me sad we don't do it together as much, but at least we still have our long runs! I know it will get better when it warms up a little, so for now I am ok with the arrangement.

So today on workin’ out Wednesday I am writing about my run. Normally I am a 10 min mile type of girl, but this year I wanted to push myself and get faster.

Last year Kelly and I did 2 half marathons and one full, to me that is a pretty big deal!
*Our first ½ was Boomtown ½ in Joplin, MO on June 13th. Reviewing this race I would say this. If you are looking for a low key run to be your first then it is a good one to do. It was the first year they have done this race so there were only about 400 runners in the ½

They did not have a shirt for me.. WHAT the HECK? It is like I am cursed- first half no shirt, first full no shirt? Why does the shirt god hate me? I did receive my shirt about 2 weeks later in the mail. Grey dry-fit material, not a bad shirt except an ugly random Mole creature on it. Not sure the significance of a mole, but there was one?

Anyway, the course:
It was hilly and the temp was HOT! I don’t know what I expected it to be in the middle of JUNE! There wasn’t a lot of crowd support either, but again first year can’t expect a parade!

Finish line/post race sucked! The medal they give you was the same as the 5k, which kind of downplays your ½ importance.

Also, I don’t think they realized what they needed. They ran out of Gatorade and fruit.. I am sorry, but those are the two things you should have an extreme surplus of! There was also nothing at the end not party, band, or festivities.
Not knocking them because it was the first year, but still. So all in all not a bad first race low key, got it over with ready to do more.
Time: 13.1 miles finished 2:13 average pace per mile 10.08

Second ½ was the Kansas City Half see full post here. Such a dramatic difference between the two! KC was big and elaborate! I will tell you, if you are ok with crowds for your first ½ do a bigger one. The course flew by.

My review of this one would be that the shirts (yes I got one!) were boring and yuck. Plain white with a design on the front and nothing on the back. If you have not caught on by now, I like the shirts!

The course was fabulous. There were a few hills..and by a few I mean some big ‘uns and if you are going to run this one you better make sure that you have done some hill work.

You start off by the crown center where Hallmark is located then head through the power and light district. I have never been to NYC, but the power and light district is what I imagine NYC would be like! There was a lot of course support and I loved running through the plaza and through some of the historic neighborhoods with HUGE houses. Not to be redundant, but it really made the course go by so fast.
The finish line/post race was full of good food bagels, fruit, muffins, and candy. They also had a guy taking pictures and you could download them and print them off for free! Gotta love the free stuff! They also had free massages and I am a sucker for a massage, especially a free one! Then Boulevard Brewery was there, so for those of you that like beer they had a big RV type thing handing out free beer. There was also live music and stuff! KC definitely made a big deal about the race and gave you an awesome finisher’s medal!
Time: 13.1 miles fisnished time 2:15 average pace per mile  10:17
 also, please keep in mind the hills on this run and the fact that we ran 5 miles before it since we were training for a marathon... so i didn't have the freshest legs...

**** Best thing overall about the race was you could sign friends and family up to get text messages throughout the race! My mom always worries about me when I run, so this was a great way for her to keep up with us!*** I wish all races would do that! (click to see the post) was our first full.

 Memphis St. Jude Marathon
The review for this one:

They did a great job of getting the race information to you. They make sure you know exactly where to go, what to do and who to talk to if you have questions.
They did not have a race shirt for me. That angered me a whole lot. They did however fix this problem by promising to send me a new shirt ( I am still waiting for the replacement shirt…We shall see)
The course was fabulous though we ran through the St. Jude campus and it was very inspiring! They had bands the whole time and I didn't have to turn my music on until mile 10.. Which speaks volumes (pun intended!) on how fast the miles went by, normally I have music by mile 2!
Every single mile had a water station! Each one had a group of cheering people, water and gatorade. Some of the local groups set up random stations along the way.. a few had kegs with a ton of beer sitting out on the table, one even had whiskey shots for you to take! Are you kidding who thinks hummm... this is going to  be a hard run better grab a beer and a shot!
They had a great finish line festival it was in the red bird stadium and you could get your picture with elvis.. The food wasn't bad, but KC has got be the best. Memphis had cold pizza, fruit and cookies.
The medal was great though.. it says marathon on it!
So to wrap up why I started this post to begin with is because I ran at lunch yesterday and today.
**remember-- 10 min mile girl!**
Tuesday- 5 miles-total time 43:20 average of 8:40 per mile
Wednesday- 4 miles- total time 34:30 average 8:35 per mile.
yeah for workout wednesday.. and church tonight, gonna learn a little more love and respect!

Monday, January 25, 2010

snow bunny

So We are about to go skiing in February and it is very exciting. I haven’t been in years! 6 years to be exact! YIKES! I am picturing my self eating a mouthful of powdery goodness as I write this!
Well since I am getting in the skiing spirit.. I wanted to find some pictures to look at for some inspiration. I found these.

This is when Kelly and I first started dating, our junior year of high school. I can still remember him asking me out. We were outside of the centerton gas station and he was leaving to spend the night with matt koch and he asked me out. NOW, almost eleven years later I still love him so much! Anyway without getting to sentimental back to my ski story.

First year Spring Break ’00 I met the carlson’s at there house the night before we left, can’t remember the exact day we left. I do remember that we got up at like 3am to start driving to CO. What I can really remember is how overwhelmed I was (please keep in mind that I am an only child) with all the sibling things I have never dealt with, like the typical fights about who touched who, the restaurant choices- I have never been a McDonald’s fan (not counting the brief time in my life where I lived for happy meals) and no matter what kelly’s sister kaylee picked the restaurant everytime, and everytime guess what she picked? It cracks me up thinking back on it now!

The Carlson family is also hardcore. (Case in point, when we were planning our cruise excursions, bobby-kelly’s dad, told us that we could only pick ones that had a 4 out of 6 or higher on the fitness/difficulty level.) When I say that I mean when skiing we are on the lift in time for the first run and we don’t get off until the last run. There is also no stopping for lunch. You bring a kashi/cliff bar and sucker on up til we are done!

I took ski school for the first day I was there and I recommend anyone that is learning to go to ski school first. After class I joined Kelly and WOW. Looking back now I realize what I brat I was, I also realize that having your boyfriend teach you may not be the best way especially if they are as impatient as mine. I threw such a fit when my ski’s would fall off. I would stomp my feet and DEMAND that he come back to the top of the hill and help me! Wow yes I was a brat.

Second time was with Kathryn Ann..

How I love her. We flew to Aspen my sophomore year of college. Basore skiing is much different! We wake up at about 10 or 11, head to the mountain for a half day of sking. Get to the top of the mountain, eat some lunch, do some runs and head all home! Another large difference is she is such an amazing teacher. She was so patient with me. She stayed with me the whole time and would help the whole way down. By the end of the first day I was doing blues! That is a big deal to me! Now, not that Kelly was awful, but his harsh coach style didn’t really help me at skiing it just made me mad and want to pick up my Barbie’s and go home! Kathryn let me easy into it, built up my confidence and helped me to slowly go big or go home.

By the third time skiing (New Years Junior year in Aspen)
I was feeling much more confident and ready to try a black-read-everyone else was going down a black and I didn’t want to roll on down the bunny hill alone- so I put my big girl panties on and headed down the mountain. At first I thought I was kind of a bad a cause it wasn’t hard at all, then all of the sudden these huge moguls “Mogul skiing is a type of freestyle skiing where skiers ski terrain characterized by a large number of different bumps.” (Thank you wikipedia) appear out of nowhere and almost take this little ski bunny out! Thankfully I was able to slow down enough not to bust my face and made it down safley.

The countdown has begun though.. We leave on the 19th of February and I am so excited. I even put my ski gear on and run around the house complete with the goggles. My husband thinks I am a freak…

Saturday, January 23, 2010

You may be a runner if..

SO i found some of this off of Skinny Runners blog and i liked it.. so I added some of my own..
 16. Your friend says she wants to get in to running and before she can complete this statement you have printed her off a training schedule and given her Rush Runnings number to get fitted for shoes.

 15. You have icicles on your eyelashes from a long run at 18 degrees.

 14. You actually get excited for a new pair of running socks

 13. You get jealous of any runners you pass by while driving, wishing that you were running, too.

 12. You plan your social life around your long runs "nope can't on Friday night, we have a long run Sat. am."

 11. Your tonails are black (yes plural)

before you eww.. this is not my toe.. but similar to the color of mine!

 10. You live in the United States and actually know how far a kilometer is.

  9. There are two sets of blue jeans in your closet: one size for training season and one for off season.

  8. You can name the exact distance from your home to every landmark in town.

  7. You can eat 3,000 calories and still be negative calories for the day.

  6. Your friends know never to call you past 8:30 pm

  5. You get excited about getting older because of the extra time you get in Boston.

  4. You could watch a whole marathon and not be bored.

  3. You check out the running stores for the new styles.

CW-X tights and yes after reading about them I am having lustful thoughts, they would be like superman's cape to my running, or wolverine's adamantium claws, or spiderman and his web..

  2. You keep track of your shoes’ mileage.

  1. You get up earlier on weekends to run than you do on weekdays for work.

Speaking of running.. it has inpired me to think of my birthday and what running gear i would like for it!
Running stuff:
* I would really like a marathon charm.. not just the 26.2 but the really cool ones that they had at the St Jude Marathon in Memphis, which my HUSBAND would NOT let me BUY! (yep still a little bitter) He said that we would be able to get them anywhere and for cheaper.. LIAR! I hope you can hear the YELLING, cause he is a LIAR! they are no where to be found.. I even broke up with google (for about 3 hours and I might add it was the most painful breakup ever, bing I am sorry you just can't cut it!) because i could not find a single place that sold MSJM charms! ps- if you find one, i would like sterling silver and you can mail it to me-you don't even have to overnight it, since my birthday isn't until march we have time! :)
* I would like a red running shirt. Since red is my favorite color i think it only appropriate to have a red running shirt. I would like it to be Nike.
* Thanks to skinny running I would also like these:

I want so many from this site I can't post them all, and the don't have Uof A right now or Harding where I actually attended school, so Penn Stae is my second favorite!
* Next up another running skirt.. it is an addiction I KNOW!

You can get it here.. and IT IS ON SALE!
One in Black please..

* Also on things that my little heart desires is: Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue featured as my signature summer scent!
I have been wearing Burberry all winter and i LOVE IT! Sometimes i smell so good i wan to make out with myself! Alas though I must put it up for the summer months and bring in some fresh scent. Which is why i NEED some more Light blue!

* I also want clothes for the cruise that we are going on in June!
* Also, needing a new pair of gloves and an earcovering, preferably the dryfit kind so it wont get all  wet and heavy like my cheap $1 spot stuff i wear right now.
*** also, in case anyone that is shopping for me wins the lottery..
I would also looooveeee the new Garmin 405 Forerunner & Native Sunglasses

you can these babies here!

So here is the begining of my list.. now i need to email it to my husband & father!

Friday, January 22, 2010

tell your mother, your bother, your sister and your friends!! NOW!!

Please send this to everyone that you know and tell them to comment on this and help me with my problem!
(ps you have to be a follower to comment, if you are not a follower- you should be ehemm (kelsey and meagen) and tell me what you think!)
I want to paint my guest bedroom. I would like to paint it on Monday. I am using my last vacation day and want to be productive!

ONLY ONE PROBLEM.. i don't have a clue what color!
So let me give you some things to think about..
* My living room, dinning room and kitchen are a light khaki color..
* I like color

I like the greenish color on the leaves.. maybe that would make a nice color?

This is similar to the colors that are already in there.

Some rooms i really like..

I like the color of this room!

Last but not least I need some floating shelves.. any ideas?? I like the ones below..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

out for the count

Let me start by saying I felt a little somethin’ somethin’ coming on, on Sunday night at lifegroups. Half our group has babies ( I may have mentioned this before, if so please disregard my ADHD or early stages of Alzheimer’s as I ramble on) so of course they are very conscious of sick people and you would have thought I was a leper on Sunday night. Now I may be exaggerating just a smidge, but you get the idea. So Monday, much to the dismay of my co-workers I went to work hacking up a lung and blowing my nose like a goose. I came home Monday night and felt worse. So Tuesday, never having missed a day of work in 2 years I roll my snotty self out if bed and barley apply some makeup to my pale face and head on in. The moment I get to work people look at me like I truly am a lepor and comment with a, “man you look rough,” or the every popular, “are you sick?”

Needless today say by about 10, I said screw this and headed on home.
Curled in to a nice ball on the couch with the dog at my feet I tried to sleep my way back to health. I was awoken by the annoying ring of my cell phone, so I silenced it and rolled back over. The thing rings again and again and again. By this point I know that the only person that can be this annoying is my sweet husband.

I wish i would have had one of these!
I mostly looked like this...

except not this happy.. but i did have the same Cinderella sweatsuit on...
SIDENOTE - I bought my 2003 Chevy Malibu my Junior year of college, only after I wrecked my 1996 Ford Probe driving through the streets of down town Little Rock, I would like to tell you that it is from some crazy cool story like I was in a high speed chase, or caught in the cross fire of drug deals gone wrong, but alas it was me being me and not paying attention slamming in to the back of a grandma in a brand new Land Cruiser. PS. Just got new tires (thanks to grandma and papa) and they were 400 bucks! 400 is a lot of money now, imagine to a college kid. So they total the probe by insurance standards and the impound lot charges me 75 bucks a day to keep it there, then pays me 100 bucks for parts.. OH the injustice! I should have left the thing on blocks and rolled (literally) out of there with my tires.

Back to my side note, I bought my Malibu after the death of the probe and drove it up until this past fall when we got the Jeep. (see old post) Well when we bough our house in Feb. ’09 we thought we were going to need them as collateral ..long story. Well I got the Jetta and the Mailbu titles from our lock box and gave Kelly the titles and he took them to the bank. That was the last I saw of them. I guess I just assumed he put them back and I guess he didn’t realize that he didn’t. In November Kelly asked me to look for the titles and I did. Couldn’t find them anywhere, but I wasn’t worried I assumed they would be in the lock box. Fast Forward to Sunday night at about 4pm. Either way we posted the car on criags list and got a crapton of people that wanted to buy it! YEAH! So then Monday night we can’t find the title. Kelly even went to the lock box and couldn’t find it, he even looked through all of the massive amounts of diamonds and gold that we keep in there! So I begin to freak out a little and google lost title. Well easy as that Google says you can apply for a lost title no problem only 5 bucks too! LIARS!!!

Back to Tuesday. I am one sneeze away from death and my stalker husband keeps calling me.

So Kelly is frantic, he sold the car! YEAH! He went to the revenue office to apply for a lost title and they tell him the car has a lien on it and they can’t get a title until they see the release of the lien. BOO! I am mad now; we paid that stupid thing off the year we got married. 2006 by the way. He calmly tells me that I am going to have to make a lot, lot, lot of phone calls to get this taken care of and I better start calling.

I go to the office and sit in the floor and begin searching. I then remember a story our Preacher Tim Rine told us. One day he was looking for some camping supplies and he couldn’t find them, so he prayed and prayed on Saturday, he came to church on Sunday and asked us to pray-mostly joking, but I prayed anyway. Then Sunday he told us he came home from church and found the stuff he needed.

So I sat there in the middle of the office floor and prayed and prayed!!!

I then realize that I am missing a file folder from when we lived in Texas. I find it in the back of the office closet underneath one of Kelly’s “work bags/junk holder for work” I pull the bag out first and figure why not he used this for work maybe there is some stuff in there…and THANK YOU DEAR BABY JESUS! It was in there. The title, shoved to the bottom of the bag. Good thing it was at the bottom because the top of the bag was covered with paper that were ruined due to what looks to have been a spill of water many months ago. So I pull out the envelope that is clearly marked “car title” and begin to dig through and get really excited! There it is, the title to the Malibu! Complete with the letter from GMAC saying there are no liens on it either! (take that witchy woman at the DMV)

I promptly call my husband and tell him the good news! He shares in my excitement for a brief moment then tells me to take some more cold medicine and find the jetta title.

I tell him no! I am about to pass away here, but as soon as I hang up I dig just a little further in the bag-o-tricks and pull out the jetta title too! WOW thank you JESUS AGAIN!
So, I promptly return myself to my position on the couch and settle back in to watching: (yep a little embarrassed to admit this) One Tree Hill, Saved by the Bell, O.C., & What I like about you. I then wake up in time to change the channel to a CSI marathon prior to my husband walking in the door. I sleep most of the day and on and off through the night, waking up at about 2:30 to watch a riveting infomercial for the Silver Bullet food processor! Wow! I really really want one! For 6 easy payments of 19.99 it could be mine..BUT wait if I call in the next 10 minutes I can get the Silver Bullet juicer for free?! If I wasn’t so tired I really would have called and ordered one! Yall that juice looked amazing.

P.S. don't google silver bullet..even if you are going to put in Silver bullet food processor..TRUST ME!
Oh yeah and it is called the Magic Bullet.. FYI!

I did complete two books while down for the count.

The Geometry of Sisters by Luanne Rice and

Pretty in Plaid by Jennifer Lancaster

I would read the sisters book when I was feeling focused and plaid when I needed to smile.

My review on the books is this, Sisters is very good it grabbed me pulled me in and I finished it in 2 days. I can’t really tell you about it because it all goes with the story and I would spoil it, but it is very good.

Pretty in Plaid was freaking hilarious. I mean it was laugh out loud funny. I mean just the way that Jen tells the stories I feel like I was there and I am embarrassed for her in a Michael Scott sort of way.

I flew through it as well. I have now also taken to stalking her blog. I also came back to work today and began to tell the girls I work with that you have got to read about her! She is crazy! Check her out! If you are easily offended please proceed with caution!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fight like a girl?

So here lately Kelly and I have become involved in some marriage classes with our church. I like these classes and enjoy going, but I find it kind of funny that we are going to 2 classes at a time and I go to young wives to learn about our marriage and how to make it better. Which don’t get me wrong I don’t think my marriage is headed to the big D or anything, but at the same time I am of the frame of mind that it can always be better. I feel like or marriage can always be better, which is why I have dragged my husband along to these.
The first one started with our Life group, each year our group gets together and decides on which lesson’s we want to do. Our group had several choices and in the end “The 5 Love Languages” won with a 17 out of 20 voting to do the book. So the first one he voted on fair and square!

The second one I kind of won out on that one.. Wednesday night church is a struggle for us. I don’t know if it is for anyone else, but it is really had to get ourselves to church on Wednesday! The past couple of classes (they change every semester or so) have been ones that didn’t so much grab my interest. This time they are having a love and respect series that I was very interested in. I have some friends that went through this series and they said it really changed their marriage. Well Kelly has wanted to go on Wednesday nights, but relies on me for the motivation to get him there. So, this we made a deal since I really wanted to go to the class, he would go, but I would be in charge of getting us there on time! So, I took it and forced guilted invited our friends Abby and Theron to join us! We haven’t missed a class yet! Hey one out of one aint bad!

Well after all of these discussions I have noticed an improvement in our marriage. Mainly I have learned it is all about communication… but communicating at the right time. This brings me to the title of this entry. Yesterday after church Kelly and I stopped by walmart to pick me up some medicine (I started feeling like crap Saturday night and it has progressively gotten worse). So while we are walking to the pharmacy we see this big display of Nerf products. This causes my husband to lose all train of thought and no longer focus on anything that I am saying , including that “I am so hungry that I am about to eat his pinky finger for lunch.” He then begins to pick up each gun and determine which weapon would be the best for fighting. This then turns in to his fool proof plan to make a marriage better.. we will have nerf wars every time we get in to an argument and the champion of Nerf guns will win the argument regardless of the logic behind the argument!

choose your weapon...

I feel like it should be at the end of Mortal Kombat..
"finish him"

For those of you who are thinking about doing our fool proof marriage plan for conflict, I will share my no loose strategy! First I will unload on him the wrath of the Nerf Tommy gun. For those of you that don't know what the tommy gun is, I have supplied a visual below.

I will then use the P90X moves that I have learned in the Kimpo series and will "grab, cross, hook, & upercut until he has almost succumed to my power! I will then "finish him" with the Side Kick and Win the argument! Thank you Nerf Gun for our conflict resolution plan!

For those of you that I don't know that are pbly thinking I am crazy.. I am not infact I will not hit my husband.. unless of course it is with some nerf darts in order to win the argument!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Remarkable RED..

I love the color RED!

One of the blogs that I really like is from blonde ambition she is about my age lives in NWA and very enjoyable to read about! SO she recently did a post about the color pink. I am not a fan of pink! It doesn't look good on me, I don't like to decorate with it.. just not a fan. I do however love love love RED. I think that every room in my house except our bedroom either is mainly red decor, or has red accent!
So things about red!
Red is hot. It's a strong color that conjures up a range of seemingly conflicting emotions from passionate love to violence and warfare.

I would make out with the shoes.. or however purchased them for me..
Ehem.. cough.. Kelly..cough cough

Red is the one color that evokes extreme emotions in everyone. It is a passionate color that can lead to violence and warfare, or the flush can signal a love that transcends time. It is power, the banner that leads the troops to war, and a warning of danger up ahead. Red is the symbol of courage and sacrifice, life and death.

Could you imagine what my husband would do if he came home to this bedroom?
But imagine if he came home and i looked like this???

Another good thing about red is:

Cherries, like many other fruits, are packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body and may help prevent cancer and heart disease as well as slow the aging process. Cherries are low in calories, low in fat and contain a high percentage of water. Research has shown increasing water consumption will boost energy levels and help increase the metabolism. Many people are discovering the benefits of eating high water fruits like cherries for help in losing weight.

Incase you needed more proof that red was magical..

who can live without a pair of RUBY RED SLIPPERS?

one of my favorite red heads...

kate walsh from private practice..
now for one of my least favorite redheads...

what is your favorite color???