Friday, April 30, 2010

10 years come and gone..

Am I that old? 10 years since we threw our caps up in the air and vowed to come back 10 years from now bigger and better than we left.

Now, I do not think of 28 as old on anyone else. I really only feel like that with me.. meaning when I think of myself as being 28 and 10 years out of high school I feel like I haven't accomplished enough yet.

Anyway, we had our party planning last night and it was so much fun! Kathryn ann brought her yearbook with her and we went through just reminiscing. We did decide on a date.. October 2nd. Now lets just hope we can get addresses and information for the entire class before then.

Below is Kathryn Ann, ME, Christie, & Nicole.

Eric & Andy

Today, I must confess.. I lusted after someone other than my husband. I was sick. I just stood there with my mouth open staring at them. They are the second love of my life. I have pined over them for about 2 years. I want them sooo bad and today I these beauties and they were on sale.. 139. Not in the budget, but I am in love!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rantings of a 6 year old and I heart Matthew 6:34

Matthew 6:25-34
25"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life[b]?

28"And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? 31So do not worry, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' 32For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Here lately there has been a ton of stuff on my mind, enough to cause me to go in to a complete state of stress. Most of the things that weight on me are out of my control and there is no amount of worrying that will change the outcome or fix the problem, so today I posted that little passage and I am really concentrating on that so I will calm down. Maybe putting it in writing for me to see over and over again will help to keep it fresh on my mind. Also, I am hoping that this will help anyone else out there that deals with the same struggles that I do.
Ahh, now that I have given all my stress over to God. I have several random things..
Last night at midnight Kelly’s term paper for his first class in the masters program was due. So being the procrastinator that he is he kind of put it off. Well he has to write the paper APA style. I don’t think in college I ever had to write an APA style paper. Thank God! Well my frantic and completely stressed husband begs me to help. He even said the code word **I will post about the code word tomorrow,  so you best come back! *** So, I was forced to drop everything, read: Get off Facebook and turn off the tv and help with the paper. I was the designated APA reference writer. Are you kidding me? I HATE APA! I started working on the reference sheet at 8pm. I finished at 10:15. Every time I saw the bright and shinny light at the tunnel my dear sweet and wonderful husband would come and drop 2 more book off on the kitchen table. It was really hard not to get annoyed with him, but he had this little boy face when he would drop the book and then he would full on sprint back to the office so I couldn’t hurl the books back at his head. Finally, at 10:30 I had proof read everything and I headed off to bed… I guess I better study up on my APA before the next class starts!

Peachies- I love this candy. LOVE it with a deep passionate kind of love. If I was a kindergartener I would say I love it so much I want to marry them. For a while I couldn’t find them and I was forced to try the Market Pantry version which was mediocre at best. But, the other day Wal-Mart had them on their candy aisle. I guess they no longer put them in a bag and the price tag has elevated from 99 cents to 2.50, but budget or no budget these are sooo worth it. The best part is, my husband loves them just as much as I do. Last night while sitting and reading page after page of financial ratios I indulged myself with 2 peachies and a few (more than probably needed) spoonfuls peanut butter cool-whip. This is something a girl at work told me about and I am very thankful to her for rocking my world one peanut buttery bite at a time.

To make:
1 tub light cool whip
Several spoonfuls of peanut butter
Mix well
Place back in freezer if to melted

Today at lunch I went to the park by work. I have never done this before, but I think after realizing how wonderful it was I will start doing it on a regular basis. I took my Francine Rivers book with me and just read. Fabulous!

Lastly, Nora Roberts. I love her. Mostly cause her books are addictive and they make me happy since they are mostly sappy love stories! Well NR has a quartet of stories ( I am sure if you have been following me long you will remember these) called the Bride Quartet. Well The first one my grandma gave me and it hooked me right away. Vision in White...I think I read it in 2 days.

Then I was reading Eclipse while I was traveling for work and I finished it, so I needed something to curb the craving or otherwise I was going to buy Breaking Dawn. This might not have been so bad if the ONLY copy they had for sale at Barnes and Noble was the 50 dollar collector’s addition. So I saw Bed of Roses
The second book and I was saved!

Bought it and read it all before I got on the plane. Now the third one is out and I want it.. I want it so bad. Well this is sort of how the conversation went in Sam’s when I found out they had it.

Me.. walking very slowly down the book aisle at Sam’s. Slowing a little more as I get closer to the NR section KellyCome on Cortney

Me..But I just want to look at it


Me.. “But babie (in a very 6 year old whinny voice) I just want to read the back

Dad.. "NO, get it at the library"

Me.. "I C-a-n’t (dragging out the whine now) it is to new they library only has old books.”

Dad.. (As he begins turning around to take the book away from me) “Cortney Mae, come on

Me.. (as I try to read through his hands as he is pulling the book away) “LEETT MEE REAADDD THE BAACCKK.” I think there may have been a foot stomp in there but I can’t be sure.

I then throw the book down on the near buy rack and cry with as much drama queen as I can muster. “FINE!”

Dad… "That is not where the book goes.”

Me.. huge sign as I grab the book stomp back and throw it back on the book rack.

I then grab my cart and walk away from book section with a piece of my heart left with NR.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Hero

So my friend Emmy had sweet bebe miles & I was fortunate enough to go to the shower in LR. Well one of my FAVORITE gifts she got at the shower..(omg em i just realized i never sent you that CD.. i am horrible.. kelly should be done with his term paper this wknd, ill try to get it done!) it was a cape for miles.. like a super hero cape. Well my friend Rachel is having twins and since I have been in love with the idea since ems shower I etsyed on up and found Katies Capes and sent sweet Katie a message asking about her Wonder Pet cape. I told her about rachel and asked if she could make me a special order and she was MORE than accommodating! I also told her when she shower was and that I needed them by this Saturday so sweet katie priority mailed them for me!!
For some reason the picture is really small.. Sorry

I guess you will just have to go to KatiesCapes site on Etsy and look at them there.. tell her I sent you she is Fabulous!!!

**Also, make sure and check out the woman who is my running motivators blog Skinny Runner. She is doing a give away and I would love to win it with the sore legs of mine!
Tomorrow night is our Class Reunion Planning Party.. Should be interesting.. I will try really hard to remember to take pictures since I feel like blogs are much more interesting when there are pictures to look at! No, I am not one of those people who lives for the class reunion to come back and avenge the people that were mean to me & I don't plan on being Romy or Michelle, but I do plan to attend and since my BFF kathryn ann was class president I wanted to help in the festivities.

About a month ago I ran in to Christie a friend of mine from high school, we got to talking and decided that we needed to get this party we planned a party to plan the party.. :-) Originally it was just going to be Christie, Kathryn and myself.. then we started seeing more and more people we knew and now the party has grown a bit.

Which leads me to a question for all my blogging friends.. What did you do? If you haven't had one, what would you want to do?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy

That was how I felt on Saturday morning of race for the cure. I surprisingly wasn't in a complete state of panic. I took off a half day on Friday to work on stuff, and I got a pretty good amount of stuff done, including walking around with sarah writing all over the course with side walk chalk. By the time we finished marking the course it was 6 pm and time to go to the pasta party.

The pasta party was a lot of fun and if you didn’t go this year make sure and go next year.
The food is amazing! They had home made spaghetti with an amazing sauce on it, a piece of REALLY good grilled chicken, salad with home made dressing, & home made rolls.
They had cupcakes for dessert, and free beer and wine for those of you that would enjoy that. There was the cutest little boy there. He was about 16 months old and was decked out in seersucker pants. They were playing music and he walked away from his parents and started dancing. I took a video and I hope this works so you can see! His mom said he does it all the time at home.. he would just shake his little booty!!It was precious!

When we finished loading up the pasta party I went back to the venue to check everything out.. After working on a few more things and saying a prayer for no rain I headed home around 11ish.
The next morning at 4 am when my alarm went off I did not feel like PDiddy, nor was I ready to hit the city, but I got up put my orange committee t-shirt & some shorts on and left. At that time I was still in a calm state and pretty happy that the rain had held off. The minute I put my car in the parking spot it starts sprinkling. I ran to the registration office to pick up our golf cart & extra t-shirts and by the time I walk back outside it was pouring. With in seconds my shirt was soaked. The girl that runs registration felt so bad for me she handed me her windbreaker, but it really wasn’t much help since I was already winning my very own wet t-shirt contest and it was a hurricane outside. I do thank her though because otherwise I may have pneumonia today. The wind was so bad at one point it completly knocked over the cattle gaurd that we were using for a barracade.

I got back to our site and ran around like a mad women for a while, at one point I was trying to hang a banner and chad our race chair came and got me and told me to go inside there was lightning and me being on a metal pole may not be the safest thing. So I went inside grabbed a cup of coffee and took a 10 minute break and they moved the race back 30 minutes due to lightning. If you are wondering.. every single bit of our side walk chalk art was washed away!

Kelly got to the race at 7:45 in time to drop Callaway off with me then he had to go run. I had to oversee the Bark course and watch my butt sniffing pup until he was done… Let me tell you it was a chore! I also felt bad for the pup cause it was raining and cold outside.

When Kelly got back he picked up the dog and started the bark walk. Some of the dogs were so cute. One girl brought her baby bulldog and I just wanted to steal him. This other lady had a dog that looked exactly like the dog off of the Never-ending Story. My favorite was the cocker spaniel that had been painted pink and had a Mohawk!
Sarah and I started cleaning up right away since we had volunteers there ready to help. We got the venue pretty much cleaned up but then realized that one of our sponsors had about 8 pallets full of product left over to be distributed.

So I run over to the main venue and announce that we have pet stuff to give away. Well when I get back there is a group of women digging through our storage unit. I tried very very hard to be polite, but come one the unit was closed and the HUGE sponsor signs were enough to clue you in on where the free stuff was. So I ask them probably with a nip in my voice if I could help them. “Well we were just looking for some more free stuff.” Really I think as I look down and notice that each person is carrying 2 HUGE bags full of stuff, it looks to me like you have PLENTY of free stuff as it is! I however bit my tongue and point them to the huge sponsor tent. I mean come on! I get it, everyone knows that RFTC is a huge race and there is always a ton of stuff to give away, but there is a line and digging through our storage unit is crossing that line. Not to mention when you have 2 bags full of crap over your shoulder already.. I am going to go out on a limb here and say.. YOU might have enough, or you at least got the 20 dollars worth that you paid to enter the race. That is assuming that you entered the actual race and weren’t just one of those trashy free loaders who come just to take the free stuff.
Whew.. sorry it just really bothers me how people are sometimes.

After everything was cleaned up at are area sarah and I walked around to help other people finish up. By the time 12 hit we were both exhausted and ready to call it a day. Not to mention I was so hungry that I thought I was going to pass out!

I went home and was greeted by my sweet husband who told me how proud of me he was. I then promptly started a scalding hot bubble bath. My feet we so pruned I looked 101 years old. I sat in the bath for a good 30 minutes just trying to warm up. We grabbed a sandwich and I laid down for a 3 hour nap!

Just think.. I worked this hard on just one section of the race.. next year, I will have the WHOLE thing. Can you imagine how much time that is going to take!

Monday, April 26, 2010

run like a girl

Work out Summary:
Thanks to my motivating husband & my running partner heather I went to rush hour tonight.. otherwise know as runners hell...

Mike Rush of Rush Running does a speed training every monday night & we use to go. I use to be sooo slow, in fact, one girl told me one time that she admired me how I may be the slowest one out there but I keep going. Really? Hey anorexic annie thanks for the compliment. Well when we were training for the marathon we had a hard time fitting it in, but now that we aren't training for anything major we wanted to hit it up again.
Back to my summary:
1x800 (2 times around the track or 1/2 a mile) at 5k pace
That for those of you who don't know is what you hope to run 3.1 miles in. The first time I went to speed it was 28-29 minutes. This time I was aiming for 23 minutes for my 5k. Which meant I needed to run my 800 at 3:42. 
then take 30 second break and
2x300 (almost all the way around the track, right around the 2nd curve) run that a little faster than 5k pace, which meant I was running at 1:10, do this 2 times.
then without a break 
2x400 (1 full lap around the track) at about the same pace I did 1:40 to 1:48
then you rest for 30 seconds
1-800 same pace as the first 800...
take a 2 minute break and repeat.
Yes that is right... REPEAT!!!
So that is what I did. I could tell I had gotten a lot faster and didn't even run with music, but at the same time mentally I was ready to wuss out. My shin's have been hurting and if it had not been for Kelly & Heather repeating the sets I may have hobbled off and used the shin as an excuse. Thank goodness they were there and pushed me to keep going.

Total distance- 4.75 miles
Pace- 7:28
Total time 35 minutes and 28 seconds.
then we did a round of plyometrics and I almost threw up

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ode to my babie

Our 4 year anniversary was April 15th. We have been so busy we didn't really get a chance to do anything for it. We went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, Table Mesa!. We go there or Fred's Hickory Inn pretty much any time we get a chance to go out to eat-read- when I budget it in! So we went to Table Mesa for dinner, we tried the cheap dates (bacon wrapped figs with goat cheese) they were absolutely amazing. I threw a bit of a fit for the cheese dip because I love it. If we weren't in public I may have started stomping my feet for it, but thankfully kelly gave in and let me have it! We shared the crab enchiladas. Crazy huh since I can't stand seafood, but it sounded kind of good and I am not opposed to trying new things. They weren't bad actually, a little crabby, but not bad..

We came home and opened our cards to each other. Kelly got me one that said you are the flip to my flop. It was a friend card and not in the least bit romantic, but he wrote sweet stuff in it and it was very fitting for us.
It really got me thinking about how good we are for each other.
I am completely and totally anal and as much as I hate to admit it I am kind of a control freak who really likes to have a plan. I have a tendency to stress myself out about things that are entirely out of my control. They are usually things that are beyond my control too. I have gotten a lot better and have learned to let God handle most things, but ever once and a while I need a dose of syrup to calm me down. (one random day I sent Kelly a text that told him you are the syrup to my pancake, I think he thought I was insane!)
I am so thankful that Kelly and I were put in each other's paths. Kelly being in my life has blessed me in so many ways. Before we were together I never really had a strong faith.. I had a bible and had been to church plenty of times before & knew better than to have sex before marriage, and there were time when I even felt really close to God. But, I wasn't a strong Christian. Once Kelly and I started dating he started talking to me more and more about my faith and eventually I started going to church on a regular basis.

Freshman year of college Kelly had a really good time and was sent home for the summer to repay the thousands of dollars he racked up on college debt. I left he at the airport in mid May crying my eyes out because I knew I was going to go the whole summer without seeing him.  Well after the summer was over I was expecting to see him, but his family moved to AL & his parents wouldn't let him come back so the summer turned in to a semester. We went for 8 months without seeing each other!
During that time I met some wonderful girls at Harding and I really learned what it means to be a Christian and how I need to live. It was a tough time to be apart, but I know that God had a plan and it really was the best thing that could have happened to us.

You are my rock. You make even the worst day better just because I know I get to come home to you.

You make me want to be a better person & then you help me to actually achieve being a better person.

You make me laugh and not just laugh, but a deep soulful laugh

You keep me calm

You introduced me to so many things:
Running, Camping, Hiking, Mountain Biking, & Golf

You convinced me to get our precious puppy

You helped me to learn to cook

I love how supportive you are when you know I have taken on so much.

You tell me I am the best wife ever and you tell me how proud of me you are

You know me better than anyone

How sometimes you randomly dance

How cute you are when you play with the dog

You like dessert as much as I do

You indulge my neurosis

How most of the time I can make you laugh and you can't stay mad at me

You let me sleep with the fan on all year round

You like to be as cold as I do

Even though you hate them sometimes you bring me girly movies

You will go to the library for me

How much you talk about me to other people

You have such big ideas

How you have leg twitches in you sleep

That you are my own mcdreamy...
Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Show us your life… love in a trash can?

I met my precious husband at Bentonville High School, we were half way through our Jr year.
First time Kelly & I met I didn’t really pay a lot of attention to him.. not to sound snotty or anything, but I had a boyfriend and I was introduced to Kelly by a friend who was in love with him so I said a brisk hello and was done with him, or so I thought. For the next few months our paths crossed ever so often a the various high school party or football game, and at one point his flirting reached a new level when he threw some sarcastic remark at me and I came back with something just as bad. Before I knew it I was in the air with my body folded in half (yep, I had my cheerleading uniform on too) and dumped in to one of those 50 gallon Rubbermaid trashcans. I now know what it would feel like to be a turtle on its back unable to get right. He thought this was quite funny and left me to find my way out of the nasty trash can… So, I guess it wasn’t love at first sight.
After my boyfriend cheated on me and we broke up Kelly was super sweet and I we started hanging out more. Before the end of the summer we were dating. We had a fabulous senior year and before I knew it we were graduating.
I refused to follow him to school & instead stayed here and took some classes. He went to Harding in Searcy, and we broke up. After our 6 month commute I missed him and ended up transferring to HU.

We have been married for 4 years… together for 11!!!

like a fat kid who loves cake...

Tonight was Kitchen Queens. My Fabulous friend amanda invited it to me so of course i had to go..
Well the theme was Spring Brunch. I have an amazing recipe from Paula Deen for a steak and egg casserole, but the party as at 630 and there was no way I was going to be able to cook it before then, so JWOW let me come over and use her oven, i know she already has a bun in her oven, but she shared her actual oven so I could cook a bacon and asparagus quiche. Well I have never made this recipe before which we all know is never a good thing! Well it wouldn't set up and i was so stressed. I just kept looking a gin-nea (forest gump?) and saying "it isn't setting up, they will never let me come back"
Well thank goodness it set up and I was allowed in the door..But it may have been better if they a hadn't let me in the door, cause i fo sho ate like a fat kid loves cake.
I really did have a lot of fun! I met some really sweet girls and had some really good food!

I  met sweet rachel, who is 100 % fabulous! she was so funny and has the cutest kids!  There was so much good food and everyone was so sweet to me. I am glad I went!
So I come home and get ready for bed stat! Why you may ask? are you an AARP member.. nope but i am tired and busy.
Thursday night i had a plan to go to bed early, well we had internet issues. Kelly was working/ stressing the freak out about his paper and all the sudden the internet goes down. So of course we can't get on the internet to call for help so I had to text everyone that i knew would be near the computer to get the number.
After talking to the att girl for an hour out internet still wasn't fixed. (ps. when the tech support says.. "humm how do you say, moving, light" i reply.. "oh, you mean BLINKING?" "yes," says the tech girl, "that is the word, is the light blinking?" That may be a sign they aren't currently living in good ole arkansas, or for the USA for that matter)

So by 9:30 pm Kelly heads to the square, where they have wi-fi. A lot of our friends said he could come over, but we felt bad.
 Well while kelly is gone i grab callaway pull him up on the bed and start reading my new book.. Francine Rivers Redeeming Love. Since callaway hasn't been able to get on the bed since his UT infection he was so excited and promptly fell asleep on my pillow.. precious.

They next thing I know there is a door slam and I hear,
" I could have been dead!"
It was about 11ish and kelly was just getting home.
"what Drama Queen," I replied half asleep.
" I have been gone for 2 hours and you didn't even call to check on me, I could have been in a ditch."
I think I responded with some sweet remark live, "well OBVIOUSLY you are not. so shut he light off and leave me alone"... needless to say, that didn't work he left the light on a banged around for a good 30 minutes.
So at 4 I get up to let the dog out and I can't go back to sleep..which is why this fat kid who loves cake is so tired.

Friday I have a half day and work! I wish it was a whole day. This week has drug on and i am have a crazy hard time keeping eveything straight.
Anyway I have to set up and get a bunch of stuff ready for the race on saturday and needed at least a half day to get it all taken care of. Next year since i am Co-Chairing the ENTIRE RACE all 12,000 people I may need the whole week!
I also haven't ran but once this week since I have had something almost everynight.  Hopefully tomorrow I can squeeze a run in, and maybe get some sun on these casper style legs...
I enlisted my artistic friend abby to come over and help me paint paws. The boys of course were hard at work inside

These are the a-frame signs chad made me for bark sponsors.

first coat

abs making my stencil

callaway REFUSING to be ignored.
He loves abby.. i think cause she gets him all rowdy!

This is my sweet pup contemplating walking through the paint...
sure enough he did.
there was a little trial of white paw prints.
please excuse the mutt hair cut. he went to the groomers this week
He has to be super handsome for Bark for the cure!

Hope to see you all at Race for the Cure, Bark for the Cure, Kids for the Cure, or Teens for the Cure.

Monday, April 19, 2010



originally I was planning on writing about my super busy super fun weekend. BUT, my friend jenni from the block dropped somthin major on me tonight & it has just worked my all up!
If you haven't guessed by my oh so creative title.. it is babies.. but for as long as i can remember i have called them bebes.. i do it all the time, i don't even realize it any more, in fact i say it to strangers and they look at me like i have lost my ever lovin mind, but that is what they are bebe's .

Well Kelly and I had, had being the operative word here, a 5 year plan. We were going to have bebe's in 5 years. Well for a while we were thinking about 6 or 7 years. I know this has just rocked our parents world, but we wanted to be able to have as much time together as possible. Also, we have vowed come hell or highwater we are going to go to Italy before we have kids. Neither one of us have been and we both want to go sooo bad that we made that commitment we would not have kids until we were able to go and see Italy.

Honestly though it seems like lately everywhere we turn people are having babies.
First up was everyone from church. We knew this was going to happen and it really wasn't such a big deal since we hadn't come accustom to then alone let alone with bebe's. Next was my friend emmy. Emmy was the one friend in college who i thought was going to be straight up SJP and move to the big city. She and Hunter got married a year after Kelly and i did and last year we she told me she was prego.. it was even more surreal. Even seeing her with her baby bump it still seemed hard to believe she was having a bebe of her own.
Last thursday I was at the painting party talking to one of the girls and she told me not to wait until i really wanted them, because she had 6 miscarriages.  Same thing happened at lunch the other day I had someone tell me my eggs could dry up.

Then last night at life group we are sitting there surrounded by bebe's and all the sudden kelly bends down and picks one of the little girls up. I was absolutely floored. Kelly is almost scared of kids and to see him pick little ava up made my stomach kind of catch. It was really cute to watch him play with her and it did make me think even harder about that clock that could be ticking.

So today for the icing on the cake my sweet friend Jenni from the block tells me she is preggo my eggo. WHAT? I mean i didn't even know she was trying and then she drops that on me today.
I am so excited for her and think it is going to be awesome, but it is real now. I know this may see hard to explain, but it is like now i will really know a pregnant person. I was an only child. So i never saw it with my mom, and when my cousins had bebe's we were in Dallas so i never saw them, even with Emmy i was in NWA while she was in the rock.. Now, I know a real live pregnant girl. She is like my very own circus attraction (sorry jlo!) I will be able to watch this whole thing go down and i am kind of excited about it.

NOW.. for all my friends who are bebe free.. calm down.. it aint' happening anytime soon.. we still have to become world travlers.

Friday, April 16, 2010

I am a painting princess.. dis b srus

***Spoiler Alert*** If You are my MIL.. Don't READ.. it will ruin the Mothers Day Surprise***

So yesterday was my anniversary, but my sweet friend Amanda called me earlier in the week and asked to go to a painting party! I was really excited and figure Kelly wouldn't care that much, but I wanted to be respectful and call. No surprise Kelly told me to go. I figure it was for his sanity just as much mine. We both have been pretty busy the past few weeks, but this week has been crazy & next week will be even worse. So, I am sure he was like, yes crazy train go unwind for a night and come home normal!

This post will be dedicated to the pretties I painted with. I will do a sweet and sappy I love you post to my husband later.. he won’t read it so I am in no hurry.

Pretties Painting.. was hosted by Holly, I go to church with Holly & I have always looked at Holly like she fell straight out of J Crew and is way to cool to talk to me… But she is Fabulous and one of my new favorite people.. which I may have several new favorite people after this night. So Holly is hosting this party at Shadow Valley. When I hear it is going to be at SV I am a little intimidated and feel like I should have got my hair did and stop by the car wash before rollin up in my Jeep. Thankfully they allowed me in, and thankfully I was wrong with my stereotype, all of the women we so sweet. Amanda Faubus was our teacher. Let me tell you about Mandy, she is what I would refer to as The North Face Beautiful. She is the girl on the REI catalog, or riding bikes on the front of the Lewis and Clark flyer and looking so naturally pretty it makes you do a double take. She is also they girl who can rock a wife beater and jeans and make it look so trendy it should photographed. Then not only to add to her aura of faubulsness (last name faubus & fabulous…anyone?) She is the sweetest most patient teacher ever. She was teaching 10 wine educed women to paint. She could get a medal for that. Lastly the girl is unbelievably talented check out her website here. I know I may sound a little stalkerish now, so I will stop. Check her out here

Mandy mentioned that she may start doing more parties like this one & if you get a chance you have got to go. It was so much fun! I sat next to Amanda.. and she is also one of my new favorite people. She cracks me up. I love how much energy she has, she is like me in that sense so hanging out with her makes me feel normal. Also, girl told me about this girl who b-friended her on facebook. Well Amanda follows her cause she always posts the crazy things on her status.. and she doesn't use vowels.. so the title is my shout out to her.. ps writing with no vowels is very difficult!
Amanda, Erin, & Stephanie
Stephanie has the cutest little girl. we love sitting by them and church just to see what Taylor will do next!

Me, Erin, & Amanda

Erin & Holly

This was one of the options you could paint..
it was to hard for me!

Mandy helping with the pear

Holly's H

Met her last night.. think her name is Chrissy.. love her too!
She was telling us about her dramatic daughter, who sounds a bit like me as a child!
Amanda's W

Erin made and E for her sweet bebe girl Ellie

Holly's H

allison's pear

It was a wonderful night! I had so much fun & haven't laughed that long in a while.. Can't wait for the next one!