Monday, February 25, 2013

mommy judging and other messes

Are y'all ready for some honest blogging? Maybe it is the lack of sleep I have been getting.. or maybe it is the stress I am feeling, but I am about get real up in here...

I am a mommy judger. Don't act like you aren't one too...
I noticed it a few weeks ago when I was in a group of people and a fellow mom's kid was uber fussy and she wasn't able to calm them down. She continued to try to stay engaged in the convo while her child wailed... and wailed... My first thought was, "if it was Julianna, I would have done X"

From that day on I began to noticed I did it all the time... "If it was Julianna, I would have done..." This has now caused me to be super concerned about all things Julianna. I can only assume that other moms do the same thing. Constantly comparing their child to the other moms they are around... Now don't get me wrong I don't sit with a pad and judge what I think are other mothers short comings..I also compare how well they are doing in comparison to us. My sweet friend Jess had Maddox about 5 days before Julianna and I was so jealous when she told me he was sleeping through the night at about 10 weeks... I almost went over to her house and threw rocks at the window out of spite so she could have a few sleepless nights. I then started pumping all the other mothers I knew for information to compare where we were on this sleeping game. I even went so far as to get a scoreboard and keep score of all the milestones. Kidding... sort of. What is it about motherhood that makes women crazy? I see women post on FB about their son rolling over and then immediately put J on her stomach and try to coach her to roll over too.

Which brings me to a whole other story. A few weeks ago I was playing with J and she just rolled her self right over. I screamed for Kelly, but in turn got a half hearted, "great."
"GREAT? Our daughter just rolled over and all you have is great?"
Kelly- "Babe she rolled over a couple weeks ago with mom, but I didn't to tell you."
I like any rational level headed women immediately started bawling that I missed it.

As I mentioned, I am lacking in the sleep area. When J was little we slept her in the bouncy seat. With her reflux I just felt more comfortable. Around month 2 1/2 she started sleeping most of the night all the way through. I would put her in the seat at 9, dream feed at 1030 and she would sleep until 7.  Well we realized she couldn't sleep in the seat forever so I began the transition in to the crib. The first 2 nights were rough. by night 3 she slept all the way through with out so much as a peep. This lasted about 4 days, until my dad cursed me.
From last Thursday until now she has woken up at least once. Thankfully it is a quick cry out and maybe a replacing of the paci, but still I am up. Saturday though the Angel Care alarm went off and scared me to death. I ran in to her room so fast and all but shook her awake to make sure she was breathing. She was and I have no clue why the alarm went off, but she spent the rest of the night with us... judge if you must...

If judging and checking on Julianna wasn't tiring enough we have now decided to put our house on the market. If you were wondering how hard it is to have you house show ready at all times with a newborn I can tell you from experience it is hard! Babies have a whole lot of stuff and finding places for it can prove challenging.

Julianna has her 4 month check up tomorrow! I was so excited to start trying rice cereal, but Kelly really wants to wait a while longer. Fellow moms, what do you think? Should I wait until I can do some homemade baby food? I have heard the rice cereal helps with reflux, should I start now or wait?

I have an over night trip for work the week of the 16th. How in the world do people that work leave their kids? How can yo pump? Where do you put your milk? How can you stand to be away from you baby for a couple of days?
Clearly you tell by reading this.. I am a tired mess!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Julianna Mae

Sooo... I know it has been a while,  but the colicky refluxy princess called Julianna has taken up a lot of time! Not to mention I am not back to work and attempting to juggle multiple things as well as trying to muddle through settling my moms affairs.

Now that Julianna is almost 4 months. I figure I might as well post her newborn pictures!

We did these for our Christmas cards
It is crazy to think that those ruffle butts are now snug on her sweet little legs!

I know everyone says it, but it really is so true. She is growing up so fast.
I saw her roll over for the first time today. Which made me realize even more how precious these moments are and how I am sad that my mom will miss this.

Julie my MIL has been watching Julianna and I am so blessed by that. I thank God everyday that we have her and my FIL to watch her.
I even get daily reports with how tummy time went and what was studied that day.

She was so TINY!

My little razorback is precious isn't she!

Katie Cole took Julianna's newborn pictures ans we loved her and them sooo much she is taking her Easter pictures too!
I wanted the whole newborn package for pictures every 3 months, but Kelly vetoed that one!