Monday, May 21, 2012


I had plans to get back on the blogging band wagon.. I wasn't going to go crazy. My thought was to start slow, just one post every week or so and then build up to more often keeping a beautiful commemorative journaling of Bebe C's nine month journey.. But alas... I am a failure. Right now I am not too worried about it, but I am sure at some point in the future I will be.

When I pictured myself pregnant I always worried and was even preemptive with Kelly, preparing him for the emotional basket case that I was going to be. Interesting. throughout these past 4+ months I would compare myself more to the Hulk than Tinley the ever emotional Bachlorette..

Everything makes me angry or annoyed. I have strong urges to punch people in the face. Little things that use to cause me a little annoyance or frustration now turn me in to a angry green machine that is liable to Hulk Smash at any moment!

I have even sent my very sweet and understanding boss some messages to the effect that I have to work away from people today. I will then go and hide in an abandoned conference room and work so no one tries to talk to me just in case the Hulk comes out.

Thankfully though, a select few are excluded of this feeling, my sweet hubs however is not. In fact he is the prime focus of my anger.

A few weeks ago Kelly and I went to lunch at the White Oak because they have an AH-mazing salad bar.I started to get hungry at about 11. I warned Kelly about 1115, then again at 1130. He finally starts making a move towards the door at 1.
Already in the red zone..The Hulk was getting angry.
We walk and I tell him I am doing the salad bar. He then says, " get me some peppers for my pizza."
So I make sure and grab a significant amount of pepper for the both of us as to not have to argue. I also see pickled okra. LOVE it, but since there isn't that much of a nutritional value I don't buy them so this was a treat. As I am walking away from the cash register Kelly grabs the ONE AND ONLY pickled okra and eats it right off my plate. From this point on I think it was an out of body experience... but Kelly says that I looked at him with my Hulk angry face and said very loudly.. "That was mine you Jack-A. " Yeah... not my proudest moment. Don't worry though.. at 16 weeks. Yes that is right 16 weeks I have had several more Hulk moments... One is why Kelly has lovingly taken to call me  the Hulk.

I am not a fan of movies. I use to be ok with them.. back when they were a respectable length like 1.5 hours now that they are 2 hours or more I want to scream. I agreed to go see the Avengers because I know Kelly really wanted to. Until I realized that it was 2.5 hours long! I could run more than 16 miles in that time and I am supposed to sit and stare at a screen.. bleck.Which I guess I had yet another out of body experience where I stomped around the house complaining and getting angry that the movie was so long. Again, I don't remember this, but half way through the movie Kelly was quick to point out I acted more like Hulk these days than the mild manor Dr. Banner.

I say all this to say, Kelly looked at me the other day when I had just finished a rant and told me very lovingly. "I am so glad you are the crazy angry girl as opposed to the weepy crying girl. I do better with anger than tears."

I guess- here is to being angry.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Italy 2011 ROME if you want to...

OK I must say.. I LOVED Rome. I wanted to live there and lets be honest.. if Walmart told me we were acquiring some stores in Italy.. team carlson would be Rome bound.

This was our view from the Hilton Rose Garden Palace in Rome. This was one of my favorite hotels. they gave you these plush robes and fluffy slippers. And if you were ever concerned about safety? Don't worry that building across the street is the US Embassy.
Since it was one of my fav's I took pictures of every angle

*travel tip- Have you ever traveled internationally? Well the showers in Italy were interesting. rather than be a standing shower with a wall of glass all the way around- it only covers 1/4 of the shower. So a. it was drafty and b. if you are a mess like me... water goes EVERYWHERE.
The Hilton in Rome however had legit shower curtain and... heated towels.
Note the plush robe waiting for me. AHHH

Closet? I know I just loved the room and wanted every angle.

This next picture makes me laugh... this is one of the many ways you buy wine oversees.
They drink it all day everyday. There was even a winery  the size of an EZ MART on the side of the hill near our hotel.
 This bottle though reminds me of the family size HiC orange drink to.
 But wine is cheaper than bottled water and cokes.
6 pack of bottled water= 6 euro, bottle of coke= 3 euro, this HiC jug= 4 euro.
No wonder they drink wine.

Trevi Fountain
 Spanish Steps


Vatican:We got several referrals from friends that used a company called Angel Tours. So prior to the trip we booked a 3 hour tour of the Vatican. Let me just say we were not disappointed. Our tour guide was awesome. He was an art history major from Dublin and straight out of a Dropkick Murphys and was so passionate about every bit of the art and history my only regret was that I didn't have a notebook to take notes. Since he was so passionate about the Italian history the 3 hour tour ended up being 4.5 hours.  He also mentioned that normally during the high season it takes 30-45 minutes to get through a room due to all the people.
*travel tip- If you are able to go in November, that was a perfect time. the weather was a little bit cooler and there was a chance of rain, but thankfully the 14 days we were there we never once had to use our rain jackets. Some places along the coast close down mid November, so you may want to go the first couple weeks in November.


Trevi Fountain
 Spanish Steps:

Not suprsing.. they don't let you take pictures in these.

Here are a few random shots... and trust me I have more, but to be honest.. I am tired!