Thursday, February 25, 2010

you might be a child of the 80's & 90's if...

Workout Summary from Last night:
Ran 5k (3.1miles) pace- 7:57, Total time: 24:40 PR for a 5k!

Some how this has been on my mind..

I think it was from looking back on my old pictures & then talking to some people at work about things from growing up.
The Show Star Search.. LOVED IT!

The saying, “Gag me with a spoon.” My mom used this one a lot!

Playing M.A.S.H.

Exclamation Perfume was popular

Z Cavaricci jeans

Banana clips

Doc Martins

NKOTB, Tiffany, & Debbie Gibson were the only things you listened too.

Slap Bracelets

90210 was the ONLY zip code that mattered


Shoe string bows

Rainbow bright

No Fear

Hypercolor t-shirts

When you would go to all night skates.. and have the couple skate with your one true love


Esprit was the coveted item of clothing

California dreams

LA gears that lit up

Punky Brewster


Spice Girls were everywhere

Beanie Babies

You wanted to splatter paint everything

Troll dolls

You lived for TGIF

Then you lived for Saturday morning cartoons

A different world

You listed to the radio and recorded “mix tapes”

Ring Pops

Teenage Mutant ninja turtle.. hero’s in a half shell turtle power

Lisa Frank


Trapper Keepers

Skip it

Lunch boxes were so cool

Happy Meal toys made your year-Mc Nugget Buddies

McDonald’s birthday parties, skating birthday parties, and slumber parties were the best way to spend your birthday

Trick-or-treating with these

“If you love it so much why don’t you marry it?”

Everyone wanted a crimping iron

You wore 3 pairs of socks and had those curly shoestrings

Double Dare

The Mickey Mouse Club

Kids Incorporated

“Eat my shorts”

He-man and She-ra

Vanilla Ice & MC Hammer

Jem & the Rockers


Reading rainbow

Getting a perm

Tight rolled jeans

Duck Head

Sweet Valley High

The Baby sitters Club

Glow worm

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

golden ticket?

So we are back from CO & I think I need a vacation from the vacation!

First off we all know that I am a planner.. So much so that my suitcase was packed a week in advance, I have every thing printed off, I was even early to check in to the flight-they told me I had to wait 24 hours in advance. Well, we got about 10 minutes outside of Tulsa and we hit traffic, so I start reading the secuity documents and get the worst stomach cramp I have ever had in my life.. I forgot our passes.
I FORGOT OUR PASSES!! We fly for free so you have GOT to have those passes. I realize that I forgot the golden tickets right outside of Tulsa (it takes an hour & 45 minustes to get to tulsa So it is not like I could just run home and get them.. )
I begin to cry.
Kelly begins to get very very angry.
Kelly calls Julie and tells her what happened & that we will no longer be going skiiing.
Thank God for my fabulous in-laws... cause they went ahead and got us tickets!

We got there on Friday and really wanted to ski, but 1/2 day tickets are like 80 bucks! Full day are 85.. are you kidding me? Well our hippie shuttle guide tells us that what a lot of people do is ask the people that are getting off for there passes.. so we did, and they gave them to us! We juat saved 160 bucks!

Well being stuck with the boys I had to do runs that were a little more challenging than the ones I would have started off with, but I followed along. Well at one point we missed the curve where we are supposed to go to the blue black run, instead we missed it and ended up on a black.. yikes. I swear it was straight down!
Once I made it down alive and I was thankful that I did meet one of my goals and met it on the first day.

After that we came home a went to bed pretty early. I realized how much I missed Kaylee on this trip by about 8pm. We had finished eating and I was in the room with Kurt and Kelly and then Bobby and Julie had there own room. Well I forgot how spoiled I was with Kaylee being there because in Disney we shared one of the rooms in the condo with her and Kurt was on the pull out.. Which, we all know living with girls is heavenly bliss in comparison to boys. By 8pm our room smelled of a sweaty gym locker room with some nasty fart funk smell lingering. It was so bad that Julie came in and started dry heaving from the funk smell. Then I wanted to lay and bed and read my peaceful book (if Kaylee would have been there we could have drank our hot coco and read) well the boys turned up the volume and proceeded to watch The History Channel and the story of the wild west. Two pillows over my ears couldn’t even drown out the loud obnoxious voice of the commentary.
On top of Mount Mary Jane

I was very thankful to be with bobby and Julie on the second day! They are much lower key and I wasn’t stressed that I was making them wait like I was with the boys. Well we headed down for the last run of the day and we ran in to ski patrol. Apparently we had taken a wrong turn and ended up where you can’t go! So we were re-routed on to another lift and given explicit instructions on how to get back down. By the time we made it down it was snowing so hard we couldn’t see clearly to get down the mountain! So that night we had to treat ourselves to some amazing Mexican food. You wouldn’t have thought that there was good Mexican food in CO, but there is! 3rd day was tough on us.. we were all pretty tired and sore from our skiing adventure!
But we had heard about this amazing pizza place Hernando’s Pizza & Pasta Pub.
Hands down some of the best pizza I have ever had! So besides the 18 year old waitress shamelessly checking out my husband the service was good and she recommended we order a 14” pizza and a 10” for the 5 of us… but knowing how much we eat, we ordered a family style Greek Salad, a Supreme 14”, and a Hawaiian 14”. When we were about ¾ of the way done bobby went ahead and ordered a 14” BBQ pizza to top the night off.. and WE ate every single bit of it!!
The poor girl was baffled by our appetites!

We got home Monday Night and I was very tired.. so tired that I fell asleep at 7:30 watching the Olympics.
So Tuesday first day back at work & my first day back from running since Wednesday. Less then one mile in I swear all the pizza I ate awas just sitting on my stomach taunting me!

But my workout summary for Tuesday was
4miles, 8:26 pace, total time 33:44
Not my best, but for sure not my worst especially after taking 5 days off!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

takin it back to the old skool..

Randomness (gasp! me be random!) for the day.
I needed a post.. a post with pictures that i found the other day on out external hard drive. I have many more, but i will save them for another uninspired day!
So flippin cute i could just eat him up!

For those of you who think you could never run or change your life style.. check this out..
this was kelly & I's engagement pictures in 2006.. and at the river this past year!

This is me and my papa.
I love my papa so so much. Whenever people would ask me if i was a daddy's girl or momma's girl i would tell them i was a grandparents girl! He passed away September 25th 2005 and to date that has been the worst day of life.

She gets it from her mama...

Graduation day! Yikes... look at that hair!

we went to the Dallas Arboretum

me and nana

high school

why hello bangs!