Tuesday, June 30, 2009

home alone

as many of you already know.. I love my dog! love him like he is my child, in fact i don't know if i will ever have children due to the fact that he is just the cutest thing in the world and totally stops that stupid clock that everyone else seems to have!
Saturday Kelly and I had a family reunion and left the sweet baby in his normal place.. the bathroom, (the bathroom is one of the main selling points of our house-it is huge!) but to my surprise we came home to this....

Now it is not a new thing Callaway trying to drink the shower water, but this is a first..him actually chillin in the tub like it is normal! This made me laugh uncontrollably for 5 minutes before rescuing him from his wet confined space in the shower..
Needless to say we have began to shut the sliding door.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

it drives me CRAZY...

So after i posted the things i love, i began to think about the things that drive me crazy.
1. snot sucking.. I hate hate HATE the sound of people sucking all of their snot back in to their head.. GET A Kleenex! Your nasal cavity must hate you & you may suck something loose!
2. whistling- for some reason that happy little noise drives me nuts.. i want to just smack someone when they are walking down the street or whistling while they work. don't get me wrong, i am a happy person and you can sing all day.. just please don't whistle.
3. people that drive slow in the fast lane. enough said.
4. nail clipping & nail filing- that is my nails on the chalkboard..
5. gum or food smacking, close your mouth! i also hate that noise that people do when they have something stuck in their teeth-get some floss.
5. repetitive noises-clicking, tapping, etc...
6. dishes in the sink.. can't handle it-that is why we have the dishwasher.

could be more.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things..

These are a few of my favorite things..
So my sweet friend Hannah Montana posted something the other day about her favorite candy…so I am making my own list.
*I love diet coke, I also love mt dew… but to keep my girlish figure I do not drink it unless absolutely necessary.
*Peachies.. I forgot until yesterday how great they were-the ones from target-market pantry are the best.
*I love make-up- one of my favorite things to do is get ready.. not like get ready for work ready, but doing my make-up for a night out or something, like tomorrow for red, white and baby blue…
*I love shopping, love it.. I enjoy it whether it is for me or not, I just love to shop!
*Scrapbooking as 75year old as that sounds.. I love taking the pictures and creating pages that tell exactly what I was doing and thinking at that moment.
*Birthday cake ice cream from Blue Bell.. Quite possibly one of the best flavors ever-only way it could be better is if there was peanut butter.. which leads me to the next one.
*PEANUTBUTTER- I absolutely love it, I can eat it straight out tha jar with a big spoon!In all honesty, you can't tell I am eating an apple because it is so covered in peanut butter! I like the Skippy natural the best.Also if i could i would eat every Reese's product ever made. The Reese's eggs at Easter are the best!
*Traveling- I love it, the whole experience, hotels, road trips, the nervous feeling that I get in my stomach when I wait at baggage claim for my luggage-cause no matter what I always feel like they will loose my stuff!
*Dogs- If I could I would adopt every kind of dog in America!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

river adventure

So canoeing… am I the only person who doesn’t realize how FLIPPIN’ long a mile is on the river..let alone 13.2 miles. That is a half marathon of paddling!!
5am on Saturday morning my alarm went off, and nothing in me wanted to get up and drive 2 hours to paddle down a river. Needless to say 2 ½ hours later we were standing in a small canoe shop listening to some boy that looked all of 13 tell us the water was to low to float at “kyle’s landing” but, there was no way evers was going to take that for an answer, so they loaded our little canoe up and away we went.
So by 10am we were in the water ready to go. We had so much fun for the first 5 or so hours until we saw a sign that said “erby” by this time I am tired and in need of a feeding and so ready to get out of the canoe!! My joy was very short-lived, only to find out that we still had about 4-5 miles left. I wanted to pout and throw my paddle down, but it was carrie’s birthday so I put on my happy face and started flippin’ paddling-again!
For some strange reason Kelly caught his second wind and wanted to pretend we were on our “adventure race” http://www.urbanadventurerace.com/raceinfo.htm so he proceeded to paddle CRAZY fast and we made it to our shuttle in about 3 hours. My shoulders are still sore..
The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, EXCEPT my precious friend carrie dropped not one but TWO hot dogs and proceeded to throw them down by our campsite.
With this open invitation we had some late night visitors.. Raccoons ate almost everything.. They ate the ENTIRE bag of marshmallows, 3 otis spunkmeyer muffins, and every bit of our chips… the ONLY thing they left was my triscuits.. should that tell you something?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

roughing it...

My friend Carrie is turning 27 this weekend.. so like any good friend i asked her what she wanted to do.. Camping.. that is what she wants to do. Don't get me wrong, camping is fun and i am very excited about this little adventure, but of all the things i thought she would pick for her big 27.. it would not be camping. Although, if i admit my selfishness.. im glad that is what she picked.
But.. very similar to me and the way that i like things done my way.. carrie was very concerned about our camp site, and when the old crazy man on the phone told her that they fill up fast.. she got it in her head that she would drive the hour drive to the campsite.. and STAKE OUR CLAIM. Which is one of the things i LOVE about carrie.. and something that i admire even more about her husband philip.. he just kind of sits back and holds on for the ride..
While carrie was pioneering for our site... i was doing the domestic stuff like grocery shopping..and i baked a cake for her birthday, it may be prettier than a paula dean cake..just sayin?
So to wrap up my adhd blog.. we will be canoeing and camping this weekend and i am so excited.. and i just cant hide it!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The new york times did an article in 2008, claiming that the half marathon is the "hottest new distance in running" with about 650,000 people competing in a half and only about 1% actually completing it the first time.
knowing that stat doesn't make the run any more motivating.
we got to the start line by about 5:45am, and i am telling you the nervous feeling would not go away.
I had three goals: (the carlson family has done this since we all began running)
1. to finish
2. to finish under 2:30
3. to finish in 2:10
i am not going to give all the long drawn out details, but kelly runs faster than i do.. all the time. about mile 8 though i saw him struggling up one of the 10 hills that were on the course. he looked at me and told me that if i didn't stay with him he wasn't finishing. So i slowed down and ran with him from about mile 8 until 12. At one point he looked at me and told me that if i would just slow down he would email everyone at work and tell them it was his fault i was slow!
The last part of the race was up a hill-not a surprise and i am telling you that i wanted to just stop, but i finished 2:13. I finished slower than i wanted but getting to help kelly cross the finish line was all worth it.
However, I am tired and a little sun burnt and need a good nights rest, and maybe a massage!

Everything she said is true...I would not have made it with out her. She was definitely my rock. However, you would not believe some of the things that came out of her mouth.

Friday, June 12, 2009



SO, last year kelly and i tried to run a half.. but i got it band syndrome and we sort of stopped..
well on valentines wknd (romantic i know) we went out and ran 6, the most we had ran in a while. So, we decided we should be training for something, so for the short story. We are doing our first half marathon on saturday the 13th!!!
i'm not gonna lie....i am sooo nervous, because no matter how well i do, it will not be anything compared to the people at work..which means i will catch a SUPER hard time.
Most people will say that running a half marathon is an accomplishment in itself, but i DO NOT work with most people. i work with the hardcore runners that have been doing this since they were old enough to walk. so, if you haven't figured it by now this is why i am soo nervous!