Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday funday

I woke up at 430 this am to go to a "prayerathon" if you will. Our young pro's class at church organized it and they needed people to come in and do about 15 min time slots from 7am until 7pm.. kelly and i had a 13.1 mile run on sunday so we decided to do the 5am slot and then go run afterwards. But, some of the elders at our church made breakfast for us-bacon, eggs, biscuits, and gravy.. yumm so as kelly and i are leaving church he looks at me and is like not so much, maybe we could do 9.. and i said NOT SO MUCH.. so we ran our long run around bentonville and got home with about an hour to spare before Kelsey's shower.
Kate one of the girls from church called me about 2 weeks ago and said, he we should throw her a shower..and since kelsey just married my sweet friend from college, jimmy i would LOVE to help! since, i have not had people over since we moved in really i offered up our house! Kelly wasn't super excited, but i was cause it sure did light a fire under him to finish some honey do's!! And we i suggested that he and kurt take the dogs to the park he was more than willing to get out of the house!
So the pictures from above are from today! They flower arrangement... I made, sort of. they were at kathryn ann's and they were just going to throw them away so I took it, took all the flowers out and re did it for kelsey's colors. The cake came from Sam's I added the daisy. I didn't like any of the cheesey decorated ones they did so i had them go plain, and man sam's makes a pretty good cake!
Then at about 4 once the shower ended and i cleaned up.. i had to pack for st louis. i leave tomorrow for work.. i don't think i have ever been there unless i was like 5 and don't remember it! We get to got to a Cardinal's game and i am very excited!

Friday, August 28, 2009

27 about this 27yr old...

1. I love my birthday- I think there are several reasons for this, I am an only child and my birthday was always a big deal, also I had friends who loved their birthday as much as I did, so it was always a big deal when anyone us had a birthday. Also, we can do something the weekend before if it is on a week day, but as spoiled as it sounds I would like something on the day.. too!
2. I don’t like seafood. I will eat tuna fish, but anything else that lives in water.. not having it.
3. I have several best friends..i think a person can have several. Kelly is my best friend. I would like to say that he knows me better that anyone, but I think Kathryn ann would give him a run for his money. Other best include in no particular order:
Kathryn Ann- known her since preschool, and has been there for me through everything
Emily emmy Wade Wilson- met her in college in the bushes..and from that moment on we have just clicked.. we just mesh very well together, and despite emmy’s need for exaggeration she is one of the most honest people with me.
Sara PP Ruby Ruth Garner- met sara in the dorm, and she may have the best hear of anyone I have ever met. Now don’t get me wrong.. you can’t cross the girl cause she is something fierce, but she is a wonderful person and the best listener.
Carrie Evers Johnson- met her at work and love her.. she was only of the only people nice to me when I started and I am very thankful for her..she helps me to calm down when I’m flipping out and is on my side for pretty much everything and it is great to have a cheerleader.
Patrice Smith- this one was a slow process, but Patrice is amazing, I don’t think I have met a stronger person. Not like she had to go through some big hardship, she is just strong, doesn’t give in to peer pressure and she stands up for what she believes in. Also, she is one heck of a motivator.. she is part of my cheer squad too!
4. I was a cheerleader, and won most spirited on several occasions. I even wanted to be one in college; thank goodness God had a different plan.
5. I love football. I use to hate sports. Even when I was a cheerleader I never paid attention to the games, didn’t care. Then I got married and now I love it.. and upon on impending season I have take to listening to mike and mike in the morning so I know exactly what is going on. I am a Penn state ( main reason I watched the white out game against GA last year and I loved it, plus joe Pa is precious) also a fan of the razorbacks of course.
6. Top places to visit: Italy hands down number 1, #2 New York City, #3 Atlantis, #4 France, & #5 would be Napa valley
7. I have 4 baby teeth that do not have permanent teeth underneath them. So I can’t loose them or I would have four big ole holes in my mouth! One has a silver cap on it from when I was younger, one has a porcelain, and the other two are hanging strong..
8. Before my papa passed away he was my most favorite person in the world. Now I still have moments where I tear up at the thought of not seeing him.
9. I look like my mom, I act like my dad
10. I am an extreme worrier.. I start worrying about things that won’t happen for weeks, but I worry and I even get this nervous feeling in my stomach for weeks prior..
11. Red is my favorite color.
12. I have asthma & I am allergic to cats, sulfa and penicillin
13. I can’t swim very well… like at all. I went for lessons when I was little and the coach was like maybe she is not ready.. so I kind of sort of taught myself, but not really..
14. I don’t like going to the movies.. I just hate sitting in that theatre.. I would much rather be on my own couch that sitting next to the guy that smacks his popcorn or talks to the characters on the screen.
15. my favorite movie when I was little was The Labrynith, during college it was Girls just want to have fun, and now…gosh that one is tough.. may still be girls just want to have fun.. or drop dead fred..
16. my family never took family vacations, my parents got divorced when I was 6 so I never really got to experience them until I met Kelly.
17. I dated Kelly in high school.. thinking it would be a summer fling, May 21st 1999 he asked me out before a graduation party. So this May it was 10 years together, married for 3.
18. I like books on tape..what? Don’t judge, I hate driving and they help the time pass.
19. My mom and I got glamour shots when I was in jr high…AHAHAH!!!
20. Sometimes when I am really frustrated or MAD, I will scream at the top of my lungs and I helps me feel better.
21. Celebrity crush would be Ryan Reynolds. Celebrity girl would be Kate Beckensale.
22. Not once but twice I had my tongue pierced. Once in high school with my friend andrea, then I took it out for my grandparents, then my sophomore year in college I did it again! Wow! Don’t worry they trashtacular thing is gone now! Don’t worry though no tattoo’s, although I have been in the chair at least 3 times and all 3 times it was with Kathryn ann and somehow I walked out with out the ink and somehow it ended up on her!
23. I love pickle juice. When we buy pickles and Kelly eats the last one he will save me the can of juice.
24. In high school we had a cheer tournament to qualify for state.. I was at the front of the pyramid and had to do 6..yes 6 toe touches in a row.. well I rolled my ankle on the first one, went ahead a fully broke it on the second one and kept right on going.. I kind of felt like a bad a on that one..
25. I have a birth mark on the side of my head and blonde hair grows out of it.. nancy (my hairdresser) says it will be the first thing to go grey.
26. I would rather be cold than hot any day.
27. If I could be any super hero I would be the Phoenix (jean grey) I love Xmen! Love it!
So there you go 27 facts about this 27 year old.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

good odds

So today.. I get to talking to Stephen… the guy that I have know as long as I have known kathyrn ann…well he is a betting man, and he bet me that he could beat me in a 1 mile race. So as luck would have it, my boss walked up about the time that we started the discussion…So to make a long story short (or the readers digest version as kelly tells me) my boss is a betting man too...well maybe not betting man, but a total instigator! So he throws out that if we race, he will give the winner the rest of the day off...
Tomorrow at 9am.. I have a race. A race not only to get half a day off, but a race to prove that i am runner. I almost don't want to even write this, because to most people this sounds silly and insignificant. But it really is important to me. I like running, don't get me wrong, you have to like running if you plan on doing it for 13.1 miles or further, but i don't keep doing it for the "fun" of it all the time. It is about accomplishing something, something that a majority of the world hasn't done, nor will they ever do it.
it also has to do with the competition. I always thought i lacked to competitive gene, being an only child i mean really who do you compete with? then i went to college, and played some club sports and thought, "humm, maybe i am competitive." But, man once i became a carlson, competition took on a whole new meaning. I never knew something as minute as a stop watch could have such an effect on me..
So until now i have settled not being the slowest, but that competitive streak has kicked in and all i can think about is how badly i want to win!
So even though, most people think it is some insignificant race that is a free day off. i think of it as MUCH much more! It is about winning, it is about proving to all the runners i work with that i am not slow, and maybe a little about the free day off!
So everyone say prayers and cross your fingers that i kick his butt tomorrow!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

bows, bridesmaids, and bouquets

Saturday was my friend Kathryn Ann's wedding shower.. kathryn ann is one of my oldest and closest friends.. we went to preschool together, our kindergarten rooms were right next to each other- she had mrs. dumbell i had mrs. sharp. I even take pride in the fact that i helped her to find the love of her litte 7 year old life when i hooked her and josh oneal up! So you get the idea of how long we have been friends.
But when i talk about "friends" I maybe should clarify. kathryn ann is not just a friend she is like my sister. No matter what she has been there. when i was in college and my mom got remarried and my dad's girlfriend and i didn't get along.. kathryn literally let me move in..when i say move in, the girl cleaned out her barbie playroom (long story) for me to have a closet! i mean i could have gone to either one of the respective homes, but kathryn ann's is like one of the best places in the world.. if something terrible was to happen, 10 nottingham circle is my favorite place and would be where i wanted to go to feel better.
There are several reasons for this:
It really does feel like a home, not just the people in the house.. which are by the way some of the best people i have ever met.. but it is the feeling you get, it may be the dogs or even the familiarity of the place, but it always makes me happy to think of it.
Memories.. i have so many memories! Of those 4-5 years that i would live with her-summers and holidays i really did feel like one big happy family, right down to the brother that was annoyed with everything i did or said..I mean they even got me a stocking for goodness sakes!
Family..yes i have one of my own, and i am very thankful for them, but i love the dynamic of the basore family.. so many nights i just wanted to hang out around the kitchen and talk about things with them, just being around them is fun and full filling.
Ok so the point of this blog really wasn't going to be to go on and on about my bff, but after sitting down to write about the shower.. that is what it turned in to!!
So i got all sentimental cause she is getting married. I am coming to the realization that we are not going to be able to have the Christmas eve slumber parties anymore (which by the way were some of the funnest nights ever) and that we are both going to be married!
The shower was beautiful and i had so much fun. I got to see andrea and leah and we are all planning a little surprise for the wedding and i CAN NOT WAIT!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i declare! charms: Want a FREE charm?

i declare! charms: Want a FREE charm?

I declare

So, now i am obsessed with this site!
I have gone so far as to put it on the blogs that i follow!
I think for Christmas I am going to have to shop here for all the women on my list!!
To bad kelly won't wear a charm braclet.. i could get him one too!
They even have these cute necklaces that you can get birthstones put in..this one may be a gift for all my prego friends, which by the way i need everyone to stop having babies and getting married.. im going broke!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

busy week

This week was a super busy week for me...
Monday night is normally girls night at patrice's but sadly the bachlorette is now over and she has class, so it has been rescheduled for thursday night.
So Monday night kelly and I watched a little preseason football, ate meatloaf leftovers and read.
Tuesday night i had two meetings at the same time..grr. how likely is it that two groups think, "ok the second tuesday of every month we will meet at 6pm??"
Well i had to decide, make a wish or young wives? I went with young wives.
So I invited some friends along and we went to one of our church elders house and listened to them talk about roles in your marriage. Now i invited friends for two reasons. 1) I like people and like to be around lots of people. 2) and probably the main reason is because the 3 friends that I invited are NOT pregnant!!! Now don't get me wrong not everyone is prego at our church, nor do ithink there is something wrong with prego people or babies for that matter.... BUT it kind of sucks when you are like the only person that isn't knocked up or has been knocked up. So this time i went with reinforcements! So tuesday night was a lot of fun and it was very informative.. only wish is that evers was there with me cause it is the stuff that the two of us talk about all the time.. which reminds me i have yet to enlighten her on the lesson!
Wednesday i was supposed to get he oger up to run.. guess who was an angry bear and refused...
wednesday night though i went to RPM..otherwise known as SPINCLASS! hannah's husband was out of town so we got her all to ourselves and Hannah, sarah and i ventured on in the the fuel gym. now to be fair to hannah, she warned us that this class was going to kick our butts and to give her credit it did! I mean the class is 45 min long and i kid you not i was sitting there thinking, "this isn't that bad" then i look at my watch and realize it has only been 5 minutes!!!!!!!! 5 min in to a 45 min long class.
Oh GEEZ! my favorite part, well besides the END, was that when there was a lull in the music you could hear the entire class panting like dogs!!
Also on wednesdday night, my friend melissa had her twins.. and i volunteered to coordinate the meals.. so me being the nerdy organized planner that i am already had the email in draft status complete with an excel spreadsheet with dates ready to be managed!!So pretty much from now until the end of sept. they will have a meal every other day.
Friday morning at 445am, kelly and i went for a speed run, and let me just tell you i had some speed. About 1 mile in i see a opossum. are you kidding me? Then for the next 1/2 mile all i can do is picture it hissing at me and giving me some sort of nasto disease!! then just when i think i have gotten over the creature a SKUNK starts following us! HOLY Cow! Thankfully that was my fastest mile and i made it home with out rabies o smelling like trash!
So yesterday my friend kathryn ann calls and is like oh by the way i am going to get a puppy tomorrow.. wanna come?
At first I was like NOPE, I have 10 miles to run a house to clean, and the sight of puppies may cause me to come home with one! Then after thinking a little bit I decide there is NO way she will even be up before we get done running, so why not go.
So we set off for the pup..I practiced lots of self control and came home empty handed. Kathryn ann however has a cute baby cocker spaniel!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I have caught the bug.. kelly and i watched this documentary saturday and it was contagious... i caught my running bug.
This movie was crazy! it followed all these people that were training for the chicago marathon, one was deena kaston, there was one on a girl doing her first full, a single mom doing her first full, and a cute married couple that wanted to qualify for the boston... so anyway these people had amazing stories!! It caused me to want to go out and run! At one point during the run my entire body had chills, and i almost cried twice!
So, sunday morning we got up and ran eight.. and are still on our training plan for the KC 1/2 in october...then in november kelly wants to do this urban adventure race which i am TOTALLY excited for.. except i have to trail run... and the last if you dont remember I ate dirt. Which all of this sounds good and like we have a plan, but lets all say a prayer for a few things... Mild temps for the rest of the summer, motivation, and that we can stay injury free!! Yesterday when i was running up a HUGE hill i just kept repeating, I can do all things through Christ.. and work at it like you are working for the Lord.. and thankfully i got to the top of this hill without vomiting!!
I have gone so far to reading the back of the ads in the runners world magazine. (which Bobby and Julie got for Kelly and i, and may be the highlight of my month when i get the newest issue) Well a couple got my attention and one i may have to purchase something from.. they have some of the cutest jewelry!! You can even get charms with 13.1 on them and they will do more than just that.. you can even get the name of the race, city, ect...
I think i may need one for my charm bracelet!
I put the link in there just in case anyone wants to get me an early Christmas present.. or needs one for themselves.. I may have to become a follower too!

So for more inspiration i have the logo's that i will add just so i can see them and keep motivated!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

story time

So.. we don't have cable. Not cause we are some freaks that don't believe in it, or only wear clothes made of hemp.. but because for about 6months before we bought our first house, that was all we did. We watched tv every night, if by some strange chance there was not a show on that night of the week for us to watch, we found one. CSI, Law and Order (svu is still my FAV) criminal minds, the mentalist, grey's anatomy, bachlorette, NCIS, Jon & Kate plus 8, food network, my first place, house hunters, should i continue??? Which as i am sure you can see is a lot! Not to mention football season-we watched them all college and pro.
When we got the house in Feb it was a foreclosure and not in bad shape, but not where we wanted it to be.. so we decided that we wouldn't get cable until football season. Well we have been working on stuff, but now Kelly and i have become frequent users at the library!
I should also mention i have ADHD.. Dr told me i was the worst case he had seen in a female in a long time--ouch! Well I don't take meds for it.. again not cause i am some crazy person and believe in the natural healing power of herbs and grass.. but because they changed who i was when i was on them... so my husband and the people that i love get the same person they have always loved.. people at work.. sorry-deal with it.
Anyway with this i have like 5 books going at a time.. currently on the nightstand is:
*Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-I know i am over the age of 11, but everyone at work & church said how good they were so, i am reading them
*Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin- so far so good, just finished Love the one you are with.. it made me so mad i threw it across the room-only once cause it is a library book..
*Nora Roberts-Vision in white-WOW it was soo good i love her! I can read her books in a day or two
*In her shoes by Jennifer Weiner
*The bible
*Power of a Praying Wife-WOW i need this one a lot.. i may need a new copy soon
*2 running magazines one from July and now August
It makes my head hurt just thinking about it, and in all honesty if they would have had the new James Patterson book in.. i would have that on the nightstand too!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

dog paddle & other events

So Saturday is kelly and i's long run day.. well we went to bed early on friday night to make sure and be rested.. not saying that it was like a race day or something.. but i wanted to make sure and have a good run.
So the alarm goes off at 630 saturday am and surprisingly the oger (not like a good shrek oger... a BAD OGER) that my husband turns in to in the morning is gone, and instead i have a normal person. So we get up and go outside... and it looks like the tornado from the wizard of oz or out of twister is about to hit our house! kelly just looks and me and says, "we run in the rain." so we begin only to make it 3 min in.. and we both look at each other and decide that we would both like to enjoy our run and run back to the house..
So Sunday we decide to try it again, but we have church and are a little under a time limit here not to mention a temperature that rises with each passing minute.. so i set the alarm for 600 to make sure. Well as it turns out kelly stayed up later than i and replacing my husband this morning was none other that a terrible angry oger!! after the 2nd or 3rd snooze and me being completely ready i decide to take EXTREME measures.. i tiptoe over to the alarm and move it to 715 instead of 615.. well he finally rolls over and asks what time it is.. and well since the clock said 715 he was making more of a movement in the right direction.. BUT i forgot the alarm on the phone!! BLAST! so i hear him scream from the bedroom, "YOU ARE A DIRTY ROTTEN LIAR!" soooo finally after the oger decided to go back to where he came from, my husband got up and we went for a run.. and 2 min faster than last week!

After church we decided to take Callaway to Tanyard Creek in bella vista. kelly was fishing and i was taking pictures and playing with the dog.. so i give him a stick to fetch, (ps. he hates the water... no clue why we try to get him to play in it and he is not having it) well i throw it in to the creek figuring that he wouldn't go after it since it was in the deep part of the water and he usually wont get even his paws wet. Well in he went, then the current got him and he was like a helpless uncoordinated child that had just been thrown in for the first time... I mean isn't it like a law of nature that dogs can DOG PADDLE?? well i guess my lil one got skipped when they were handing that talent out. So my sweet husband had to jump in and save our drowning child..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

farmer's market

We went to the farmers market in fayetteville this weekend and I took the camera.. i don't have a lot to say about it.. but i had fun taking pictures so here they are