Saturday, February 9, 2013

Julianna Mae

Sooo... I know it has been a while,  but the colicky refluxy princess called Julianna has taken up a lot of time! Not to mention I am not back to work and attempting to juggle multiple things as well as trying to muddle through settling my moms affairs.

Now that Julianna is almost 4 months. I figure I might as well post her newborn pictures!

We did these for our Christmas cards
It is crazy to think that those ruffle butts are now snug on her sweet little legs!

I know everyone says it, but it really is so true. She is growing up so fast.
I saw her roll over for the first time today. Which made me realize even more how precious these moments are and how I am sad that my mom will miss this.

Julie my MIL has been watching Julianna and I am so blessed by that. I thank God everyday that we have her and my FIL to watch her.
I even get daily reports with how tummy time went and what was studied that day.

She was so TINY!

My little razorback is precious isn't she!

Katie Cole took Julianna's newborn pictures ans we loved her and them sooo much she is taking her Easter pictures too!
I wanted the whole newborn package for pictures every 3 months, but Kelly vetoed that one!

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