Monday, June 30, 2008


We can do this any way we want, anyone can suggest something.

To post you miles in the upper right it should say new post click that and then keep track of you weekly miles in the post. You can edit it, by clicking the pencil at the bottom of you post, daily or weekly what ever you want. Then if someone wants to comment on what you did they add a comment to your post.

We dont want to comment on someones post with another post because it will clutter up the site. But you dont want to comment to someone elses post with your own miles.

Also you can post what ever you want, it doesnt just have to be miles.

I hope everyone jumps on board.

Mom what address should I send this to for Dad?


Mom said...

I'll ask him and get back with you. I am sitting reserve July far just sitting at home :)

Robert Kelly said...

Why don't you run and post your miles! :)

Mom said...

Mom said...

I do run...I don't have a "fancy dancy" watch + I don't know how to use the timex I have. I will get with dad & start posting. :)

BTW, told Kurt about the blog. He said that was great that you set it up...but he doesn't blog. LOL!

Kay has been working 2 jobs this week (lol!), now James is in town. She has been running with her run club & at the track or gym. I will get with her this weekend about posting her times.

Mom said...

I uploaded a picture to my do I get it on the blog?