Sunday, January 23, 2011

I love it when you contain me!

I kind of wish with the weather the way that it is we had a holiday coming up! I could you a R & R day!
This week was busy and the weekend was even busier.

My boss was really sick this week so I had the opportunity to work on quite a few things and I even go to lead some meetings. I am involved on several projects, but one in particular that it pretty big and time consuming. This one I have had the most exposure to and and I feel the most comfortable with. So, when she was sick and asked if I could run them I felt pretty confident that I could.

I also took a training class on Wednesday it was for the Birkman Method. I had never heard of this, but apparently it has been a while. They break you in to four colors. Red, Green, Blue, & Yellow. I was a green. Motivated by people, a leader, a direct communicator, and a planner.  Not big surprise here.
They also told me that I get stressed if I get indirect communication.. Which I realized on Friday is very very true. For example: we are implementing a new project. It was supposed to be set up on Thursday in order to  be presented on Friday. Well since no one had to go to work on Thursday (more later) they needed anyone and everyone to come in on  Friday and help set up prior to the presentation. Get there Friday am and they as me and another guy to set up the modular. So I ask. What is it supposed to look like? Well no one had that information. This automatically stressed me. I need to know what you expect me to do and what the expected results we are trying to achieve. If I don't get direct instructions from a defined authority I get stressed and begin to "see the worst" according the the test. Everything turned out fine and we were able to set it (unlike anything I am sure it was supposed to look like) but I guess I don't keep like I am giving 100% until i know exactly what you need from me.

Thursday was a snow and Ice Day. Do you know how excited I was when I got the email from my boss telling me that her first priority was safety and that is why I have a laptop!WAHOO!
I understand that people have jobs that require them to be at work and not everyone has the resources to stay home, but I also think if you have a job that would let you work from home with no hindrance on your job performance... WHY NOT? I loved my old employer, so when I say this know that I truly did like working for the company and they treat their associates very well, but the one thing they were horrible about was that. I just think that if you have a job that will allow you to work from home when the weather is bad you should do it. Why risk it?

Friday was HSC's 30th Birthday! I slaved over a shirt from him and brought it up every 5 minutes until he put the shirt on..

and the back...

Alexis is always a great host even if she has a pumpkin in her belly! We had a wii bowling tournament since it was a Big Lebowski themed party. Ps never seen the movie.. Kelly made it all the way to the semi finals.. Gosh I am so proud of my little slice of heaven! Until........ this is what I woke up to on Saturday morning at 7am.

Nope not a strange child in my bed, but I couldn't find a picture of anything else to show how sprawled out Kelly was. I tried to move him, but it wasn;t happening. It did make me thinks of that new show perfect couples. Have y'all seen it?
We watched it on Thursday and it was pretty funny.
Kelly's favorite line, "I love it when you contain me."

Saturday we were having a game night so I got up and started working on that. I got a new machine for Christmas which is what helped me make the yuppie shirt for HSC & this for game night:

This is a story from our Life Group with church. When kelly & I first got married he always called us Team carlson and whenever I made him mad he would call me team pangle. So we had some trash talkers in our group and I needed to make the sign to prove a point.

When Kelly woke up this is what he wore all day... I am not going to lie it absolutely INFURIATED ME.

If you can't tell what this is it is long johns. For some reason they made me angry. I just feel they are nasty and old man ish and gross. I kept telling him to change, which only led to him wanting to wear them more! This is all I see when I think of long johns..

It kind of makes me skin crawl...

Here are some game night pictures..

My camera is dead.. SO I will upload some more soon..


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