Monday, May 21, 2012


I had plans to get back on the blogging band wagon.. I wasn't going to go crazy. My thought was to start slow, just one post every week or so and then build up to more often keeping a beautiful commemorative journaling of Bebe C's nine month journey.. But alas... I am a failure. Right now I am not too worried about it, but I am sure at some point in the future I will be.

When I pictured myself pregnant I always worried and was even preemptive with Kelly, preparing him for the emotional basket case that I was going to be. Interesting. throughout these past 4+ months I would compare myself more to the Hulk than Tinley the ever emotional Bachlorette..

Everything makes me angry or annoyed. I have strong urges to punch people in the face. Little things that use to cause me a little annoyance or frustration now turn me in to a angry green machine that is liable to Hulk Smash at any moment!

I have even sent my very sweet and understanding boss some messages to the effect that I have to work away from people today. I will then go and hide in an abandoned conference room and work so no one tries to talk to me just in case the Hulk comes out.

Thankfully though, a select few are excluded of this feeling, my sweet hubs however is not. In fact he is the prime focus of my anger.

A few weeks ago Kelly and I went to lunch at the White Oak because they have an AH-mazing salad bar.I started to get hungry at about 11. I warned Kelly about 1115, then again at 1130. He finally starts making a move towards the door at 1.
Already in the red zone..The Hulk was getting angry.
We walk and I tell him I am doing the salad bar. He then says, " get me some peppers for my pizza."
So I make sure and grab a significant amount of pepper for the both of us as to not have to argue. I also see pickled okra. LOVE it, but since there isn't that much of a nutritional value I don't buy them so this was a treat. As I am walking away from the cash register Kelly grabs the ONE AND ONLY pickled okra and eats it right off my plate. From this point on I think it was an out of body experience... but Kelly says that I looked at him with my Hulk angry face and said very loudly.. "That was mine you Jack-A. " Yeah... not my proudest moment. Don't worry though.. at 16 weeks. Yes that is right 16 weeks I have had several more Hulk moments... One is why Kelly has lovingly taken to call me  the Hulk.

I am not a fan of movies. I use to be ok with them.. back when they were a respectable length like 1.5 hours now that they are 2 hours or more I want to scream. I agreed to go see the Avengers because I know Kelly really wanted to. Until I realized that it was 2.5 hours long! I could run more than 16 miles in that time and I am supposed to sit and stare at a screen.. bleck.Which I guess I had yet another out of body experience where I stomped around the house complaining and getting angry that the movie was so long. Again, I don't remember this, but half way through the movie Kelly was quick to point out I acted more like Hulk these days than the mild manor Dr. Banner.

I say all this to say, Kelly looked at me the other day when I had just finished a rant and told me very lovingly. "I am so glad you are the crazy angry girl as opposed to the weepy crying girl. I do better with anger than tears."

I guess- here is to being angry.


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