Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nursery Reveal...33 weeks in the making!

WOW. being a mom is exhausting and my sweet baby girl isn't even here yet!

I know that part of my exhaustion is self inflicted due to the fact that I decided to make J's baby bedding. Part of the problem started with pintrest... don't all overzealous projects start with pintrest?

There was a beautiful color combination of turquoise and navy for a wedding and I just fell in love with it. So after seeing this I googled for hours hoping to find something that would satisfy my obsession. After a week or two with no avail I broke down and went to Paisley Place.  For those of you who haven't made the trip to the bentonville square to visit this FAB-U-LOUS store now there is even more of a reason... Kirby's Kupcakes is next door. These are some of the best cupcakes in NWA. Chazberry and Peanut butter are my personal favorites.  Ok Sorry, back to fabric..

I went in and showed Debbie, one of the co-owners, my color palette and she immediately went on-line and ordered some fabric swatches. After some debate and help from Debbie the professional we decided on the color combo below. Add in a little pink and you have a massive DIY project taking shape.

After the fabric came in I spent the entire weekend cutting, serging and sewing. My sweet friend Allison called me and tried to lure me away with a fabulous all expense paid trip to Tulsa, but I held strong to the nesting and worked all weekend on bedding. I only had to call in Debbie for reinforcements once or twice. 

For those of you that can't sew...Debbie makes custom bedding and provided me some serious expertise and would do some amazing bedding if you ever needed it.

Next is the rest of the crib. The quilt I made with a fat quarter bundle from The colors were by Ty Pennington. I love making rag quilts with fat quarter bundles they make is so much easier!

 The pillows were an idea off of pintrest. Take a cute place mat, rip out the seam and stuff with an old pillow or some batting. The pink one is from Hobby Lobby.


The wall vinyl was from Etsy. The Shop was called, Just the Frosting. Whitney was great to work with I sent her the colors I wanted with the initial and got it in about a week. Best part is that it can be removed and moved pretty easy.

Next was curtains, I got standard navy and then just added the block of stripes to tie in the room. After hanging them I have decided they are to thin, so I added another layer to the back.

For the wall above the changing pad I really wanted to get a Warhol style painting, but so far no luck. My vision is a large canvas with the four main colors of our nurser; navy, white, pink and turquoise with a razorback in a different color in each square. Like the navy square would have a pink razorback and the white would have navy, etc... So Kelly asked this amazing girl he works with and she created this for us in a weekend!
Rachel's site For anyone that is interested in her work. I will take a better close up picture.

My super talented MIL& SIL made the wreath..
Julianna's Auntie Megan made the J&C


I am sure that since I have less than 8 weeks left I will find more things to add, but I am  pretty happy with the way it has turned out.

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