Wednesday, October 3, 2012

showered with love!

Nothing like a baby shower to make a girl feel blessed!
Julianna is one blessed baby.
Before I left Walmart my super sweet boss put together a shower with everyone from Walmart. It was so great. Baby showers are much more fun than wedding showers.
Regardless of what the occasion is, I don't love opening presents in front of people. No matter how excited I am about the gift I always worry about my reaction. I always worry that I don't convey the excitement.
Next up was a get together in Little Rock with my fabulous Harding girls.
Emily, Sara, Hannah and Sara.
The four of us just hung out and it was very low key, followed by a great dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures from either of these showers.

Next up is bentonville shower with Allison, Alexis, Kaylee, Kristy and Megan.
It was perfect!

They had these precious wishes for baby card for everyone to fill out.
They also had everyone address their own thank you card which was so very helpful in thank you note writing!

Candy table for quests as a thank you for coming.

The food was amazing!


Dad and Debbie got us a jogging stroller!

Kelly's Nana, Debbie and my Sassy Grandma


my sassy grandma.. man I love her!

Brenda was the official gift giver

Emily got her a sweater while she was in Peru!
Jess got her the cutest Polo outfits!

They requested books instead of cards.. I LOVED this idea and think I will use it going forward. I hate spending 3-5 dollars on a card that will go in the trash. So why not spend a little more, write on the book and let it serve as the card?


Julie & Bobby got her a very cute A&M outfit

Not everyone loved the A&M.. but they did love the Razorback outfit from the Duncan family!

Kelly's other Aunt and Uncle Duncan along with his Nana & Grandaddy got Julianna her big girl car seat! We got it the same color as the travel system.. Red so it was pretty gender neutral in the event J is not an only child.

Nana & Grandaddy also got her a precious pink Bible


The hostesses got us the highchair that has 4 different stages so J will be able to use it all the way up to toddler age.

My beautiful Hostesses!
Allison, Kaylee, Megan and Alexis.. Kristy was out saving and was missed.

Yes... that is all from the shower.
 Next up was my fabulous friends we go to church with!
I felt SO very blessed with such a wonderful church family.

 Abby made the cupcakes and they were filled with some frosting goodness... I could have eaten all of them!
Amanda was my official gift writer.
Between her and Shannon my stomach hurt from laughing so much!

Because every baby girl needs a little juicy couture..

and what baby girl can handle a winter with out her own pair of Uggs?
No I am not about to cry... I just talk to much and make weird faces!

OH HOW I LOVE gymboree!

Her coming home outfit from JuJu & Pops

crocheted blanket... oh how I wish I new how to crochet

MY BEAUTIFUL Friends got us our travel system!!!
I am SO thankful baby J will be safe and travel in style!
Yep..... that is from the shower... wow.
Last week my new team at Sam's also threw me a shower and since I have gotten almost all of my practical items they had free rein to buy all kinds of fun stuff! including a cupcake blanket that matches her cupcake dress and a PRECIOUS 1st thanksgiving outfit!
I really do feel so blessed to have such great friends and family that shared in our showers! I can not wait for baby J to get here and see how much she is loved!



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