Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random thoughts and Pictures...

Happy Easter!
Why yes that dashing man that looks like he is on his way to Savannah, GA for a city council meeting is in fact my husband.  You are also correct that hottie is sporting a bow tie and seersucker suit.

So last week the housekeeper was coming and I asked Kelly to help me out with picking up some things.. So this is how he helped. He buried the pup under all of our decorative pillows. How cute is this baby? 

Saturday Kelly & went to Cook's Natural food market.. Oh my goodness! Where have you been all my life? We spent a good hour and a half roaming.
Kelly found a 25lb bag of carrots. Come on. Who doesn't need 25 lbs of carrots?
Perfect for juicing! 

Kelly & I wanted an added source of protein that wasn't from animal.
THEN we found Rice Protein!
It is the little things in the Carlson house...

Then.... I found these the best "chips" ever! They had only 3 ingredients and the first one was lentils.
I came home after our shopping spree and made homemade hummus- Jalapeno & Cilantro. YUM!

Callaway was very sleepy after our run on Sunday.

This was me 2 weeks ago while shopping at Target... I know I am a traitor, but Walmart doesn't have the really thick cloth diapers that are perfect for making burp cloths, so I sneak in to the store with my sunglasses and hoodie and grab them and run.
While we were searching out the cloth diapers we saw a HUGE selection of these nifty little packets.


I bought some of the applesauce ones a while ago (don't worry, when I found them and tried them I immediately posted on facebook about how excited I was about the new find!!
 Only to have about 10 moms comment that their children or babies loved them.. awesome- I'm 5)

Anyway, Kelly and I are addicted and when we saw there were tons of flavors we decided that we needed to branch out. Kelly saw the ones that were like full meals and demanded we each buy one meal and one fruit packet.

We ate the fruit ones before church yesterday. Mine was the sweet potatoes, blueberries, pumpkin and apple. All for only 40 calories! Kelly picked spinach, peas, and pears. Mine was way better.
Neither of us were brave enough to try the ready made meal, but I will keep you posted.
Even as I write this I am sure people read this and think I am a crazy train... Lentil chips, rice protein, applesauce packets.

I know there was no method to the madness of this post, but it was a bunch of fun pictures I had on my phone and wanted to tell the reason behind them.


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