Monday, April 23, 2012

Dr. Dr. give me the news....

A few Wednesday's ago I was exhausted, which is very unlike me, but I came home and slept so long I almost missed church! My friend Alisa then proceeds to tell me that she had a dream that I was prego.
Interesting... I didn't want to make to big of a deal of it, and tried not to psyc my self up. I decided to take the test Thursday morning. I really don't think I expected it to show 2 lines. I screamed so loud Kelly thought something had happened to the dog.

I then went in to crazy train mode. I can fully admit this now. I took a picture and sent it to my cousin to confirm. Kelly still didn't register that we were going to be parents. I think he was in a state of shock, or his lack of hearing due to my scream caused him to lose the ability to focus. So in true Kelly fashion he asked me to go to the Dr. right then...So I called the the walk in clinic and the sweet nurse kind of laughed at me...
Me: I need to make an apt to confirm my pregnancy
Nurse: Ok have you taken a test?
Me: yes ma'am.. six.
Nurse: Six! Six tests?
Me: yes I wanted to make sure...
Nurse: Honey, is this a good thing?
Me: Yes Ma'am!
Nurse: Well good honey.... cause you are pretty much pregnant.

So there you go. I am a little OCD. But We wanted to make sure before we got tooo excited.
Kelly's parents were coming in town and the main topic of the visit was going to be the family vacation.
We wanted to make sure and tell them in a really memorable way and I found this precious picture of a family all wearing tom's with a baby pair next to them.
So we adapted it a bit since team carlson loves to run..

We made all of our parents a copy  and used the picture to tell each one.
My mom was up first. Her birthday was coming up so we told her that we wanted to take her to dinner. When she opened her present it was the picture in a cute frame. She was so excited and started crying in the restaurant.
Next up was Bobby & Julie. We strategically placed the picture on the fridge, but we were concerned that they would miss that so Kelly put it on Julie's Ipad in hopes that she would open it up.. see the picture and get excited. Some how they didn't get either! I just kept staring at Julie waiting for her to get it.. she finally was trying to sign out of Kelly's picture account and realized the picture was for them. 

When Kelly & I scheduled the first Dr. appointment and Kelly was so cute about it. He told me that he wanted to be at everyone.

This was the first one. It was surreal and the fact that they were able to pick up a flutter of heart beat was amazing, but baby C didn't even cover the cursor. So it was hard to really visualize.

We were then taken in to the payment room.. Kelly and I decided they do the baby picture first to pump you up and then glaze over the cost. At least that was the way it was with us. We were so focused on the baby that we didn't even hear or comprehend the whole cost aspect.

Next up the nurse that gives you the whole run down on the do's and don'ts of being a baby grower for the next 9 months. We were doing pretty good with our limited medical history and the current physical state of Kelly and I.. that is until Kelly dropped the bomb on the nurse that we were completely vegetarian and predominately vegan.

She also told us that she thought I was small for 6 weeks and asked me to come back in 2 for a more definitive due date and how far along I was.

This of course caused me to fixate on this and stress that something was wrong. Please get use to this - I hate to say it, but this will be the theme that follows me throughout the pregnancy. Thankfully I am a pretty open book and will tell you all about my neurosis and how ridiculous I am. I will also say that I am continuing to pray.

When I was finally able to give up my stress and worry and let God lead me I was able to get pregnant. I need to remember that throughout the next 9 months. That no amount of stress and worry will help me control what happen with my sweet baby C.

I will also honestly say for the next 2 weeks until I went back to the Dr. If I didn't feel any symptoms I would casually stop in to the local Walmart and pick up a test. Yep. Judge me if you will, but it made me feel better, until my sweet nurse cousin told me that even if something happened to C the test would still show positive for a long while after. So, there went my comfort zone.

Thankfully two weeks went by pretty quick and we were able to get a better picture.

8 Weeks heartbeat 165
This is the next one! Now that the baby was the size of a Lime and larger than a curser Kelly and I both were in awe.

Kelly has also decided that he will record the Dr. visit and make a video montage for C. Which means the nurses thinks we are crazy and our Dr. will be recommending us for the next reality show.

Did we mention that our family is very excited? Here are all the items that baby C has received.

I will say that each day for me is a battle. A battle about being so excited about the sweet baby growing inside of me and the battle of all the negative things that come from everywhere about all the horrible things that could happen. So I continue to the one thing that I can do. I pray. I pray for any and everything that has to do with the baby.

Which brings us to this week. I am in so thankful that we have made it to 12 weeks. I feel so blessed to have been able to hear that heartbeat on the doppler and make it to the ever important 12 week important!

Sidenote. First two ultrasounds they told me if I have a full bladder it is easier to see. So me being me, each time I went in with a strategically full bladder... until this time. I was at perfect level in my mind for the ultrasound just in case the doppler didn't work. Well after 20 minutes I was getting close to the much to full level. So when Lindsey the Dr. walked in I immediately told her I had to pee.

After several minutes she still wasn't able to hear the heart... until she reached my belly button and that is when baby C decided to make a debut. Lindsey said my bladder was so full it had pushed the baby up to where it normally sits at 15/16 weeks.

We did get to hear the heartbeat again 170. Amanda my sweet cousin and nurse keeps giving Kelly  a hard time and telling him it is a girl.

We shall see.

I do appreciate all the support from our friends and family. I also appreciate the continued prayers while Kelly and I learn our way through parenting.


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