Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Glass half empty

It has been a long week so far and sadly enough it is only Wednesday!
Which did not help me yesterday when I went through the whole morning SUPER excited that it was Wednesday only to in face be Tuesday.

Monday was a rough day for 2 reasons. One I felt pretty yuck for most of the day and just wanted to lay on the couch rather than smile and be productive, which leads to reason number two on why it was a rough Monday- Annual Review (cue scary voice) Last year I wasn't privy to the stress of annual reviews due to when I started they didn't require me to do one. I was however witness to the craziness that takes over the office place when people are in fact working on their self eval as well as trying to prepare others evals. I am a planner and have a tendency to stress, so I of course over prepared for my eval, which I would always feel more prepared than less.

Tuesday was long and yuck due to the previous statement of me thinking it was already Wednesday.

Today I got up and made my coffee as usual, I always have a shadow in the morning because Callaway knows what is coming. I make my coffee, feed him and then do my quiet time so he is eating rather than trying to climb in to my lap while I am reading (there is a method to my madness- and planning) Well my shadow was under my feet right as I go to open the microwave, I have to microwave my coffee due to the large quantities of almond milk I add.  it goes from hot to cold pretty quick. So as I am doing this I hit myself in the face with the microwave door and knock the coffee cup in the process. This causes me to spill almost the entire contents of the coffee on my sweet shadow sitting at my feet. At the time I did not laugh and quickly bent down to clean Callaway off and soak up the liquid that was now covering his face and body. At the time i felt horrible and just kept hugging him (don't judge me) but now as I write this and he sits next to me smelling like Folger's on a Pup I can't help but laugh and think about how funny looking he was trying to lick his beard full of coffee.
So since the day has not started out the best so I am going at this one with a glass half empty.. literally.

 PS. I have finished Crazy Love the devotional book I was reading regarding Faith and I have now ordered a new book John Ortberg- The me I want to be.  I will keep you posted.
If you haven't read Crazy Love by Francis Chan, you should it is really good.

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