Saturday, June 23, 2012

passing out prayers

I never realized how much stuff you needed to know about having a baby.

I also never realized how many people will ask you, "How are you Feeling?"

Do not get me wrong I enjoy that people care enough to ask me how I am feeling, but I think the standard fine bores them and they would much rather hear stories. In my case though my neurotic tendencies coupled with the drama that has been my life lately leaves room for plenty of stories.

Let’s start with my Mema (mom's Mom). A few months ago she developed a growth on her arm. A growth that was so large that the Dr. decided to remove it prior to knowing exactly what was wrong due to the fact they were concerned it would break her arm if it was grow any more. After several weeks of waiting and praying it was determined the primary source was lung cancer.

Next up my Grandma (dad's mom). Around the same time that we learned of my Mema's cancer my other grandma developed shingles. She was in a lot of pain and on some strong antibiotics. Something caused her to become very sick and pass out hitting her head and knocking herself unconscious. I received the call that she was still unconscious and on the way to the hospital with a very low heart rate. I spent the afternoon in the hospital waiting for her to wake up. When she finally did the Dr. told us that she was now quarantined. AWESOME. Please let the OCD and slightly hyper sensitive pregnant women know that she may have some super serious disease prior to her spending the last several hours in ICU.

After talking to the Dr. they recommended I stay away until they determine what exactly is wrong.

After several weeks it was determined Mema's lung cancer was not as big as they had originally feared and they had a very positive outlook.

Grandma was released from the hospital with 2 broken ankles, a diagnosis of C-Diff and some other stomach virus.

Just when I felt better about the health of my grandma's my mom called to let me know she had pneumonia. Goodness gracious... I just need the women in my family to stay well! After a couple of weeks of battling it she still wasn't any better, so last week she went to the Dr. and they required a biopsy of her lung. They think it could be 3 things... Lung Cancer, Tuberculosis, or some type of fungal infection. Which none of those are good and none of those are something I can be around.

I am trying to remain positive about all things, but it is difficult. I am continuing to pray and leave it up to God, but much like the baby... I really wish I could control some piece of the outcome. Please continue to keep them and my sweet baby in your prayers.



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