Monday, June 25, 2012


When the Kelly & I saw the Dr. at week 17 she asked us what we were wanting. Both Kelly and I had said that we really didn’t care that we just wanted a healthy baby. I really did mean it too. Even if I was forced to choose I really couldn’t decide. I mean there is so much cute stuff for a girl, but me being female thinks that would be so fun to shop for, but the practical person that I am, I know that a girl would be detrimental to my budgeting. I also know that boys are much lower maintenance and one look at a girl and Kelly will buy her a pony.

So when Tiffany said she was pretty certain it was a girl I didn't even know how to react. I think Kelly was in shock for the next hour. Lindsey our Dr. did lovingly cry as she walked out of the room, "ponies for everyone!"

Kelly and I have gotten in to the tradition of going out to eat after the appointments to celebrate. We choose to go to Green House Grill on our week 17 meal.. OH MY GOODNESS it is so good, if you haven't been there then go. If the drive to Fville seems like a lifetime away like it does for me, then go to the one they have on the Bentonville square. The veggie burger is to die for.

We of course called all of our family right away to let them know, but we placed a warning that we wouldn't be 100% until our 20 week.
This did not stop Steve Pangle...

So last week when we went for 20 weeks we did in fact confirm that the sweet banana (fruit related to the pregnancy books) I am carrying is a girl. Which promptly lead to an argument in Belk’s as Kelly was determined to purchase her a pink seersucker dress. Why you may ask would I argue with this, well the dress was a 5T.Kelly could not understand why I would pass up such a great deal. "babe, it is only $15 and it is polo..." No telling if by the time she is able to wear it if it will even be in season. He finally realizes I have an understanding of these baby things and gave up the dress purchase... for now.

But I have now unleashed the baby shopping.. watch out.

Completely impractical but the cutest thing you have ever seen! I have vowed after this purchase I will only be practical things....

I can not say the same for my sweet Kaylee.

I have also started working on the nursery and the colors. After seeing a pin on pintrest (what did we do before pintrest?) I fell in love with navy and teal it feels classic, clean and not super baby room. I also was able to get Kelly to agree to those 2 colors with non hesitation. I also want to incorporate a little bit of pink..

This is what I planning on using for her quilt.

the random item in the middle is her first dress.. searsucker for Kelly.... not polo, but made with love!

Now for the Name.... After MUCH debate we have settled on a name we both like.
Julianna Mae Carlson

Kelly held strong with Lucy for about 3 weeks, and Kurt really pulled for Carlie, and I had a brief love with all things gender neutral like Payton or Sawyer, but Kelly wanted it to be feminine. Leading to our final decision of Julianna Mae Carlson.  Now... bring on the MONOGRAMING!


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