Saturday, July 7, 2012

Praying for Pam...We need it

I received an update on my mom yesterday... not what we were hoping for.

I had called her a couple of times over Thursday and Friday and she didn't return my calls. Friday afternoon she sent me a text to call her when I got home. Which caused a little alarm, but not much. I then got a text from my Aunt saying to call her and my uncle prior to talking to my mom.. yeah... that is definitely not a good sign.

My Uncle called to break the news to me as he figured it was going to be hard for me to process and hard for her to talk about...

The Dr. informed her on Friday that the results from the biopsy were an advanced stage of lung cancer. When we originally thought it was some type of fungal infection due to the fact that the spots were all over her lung, but turns out all those spots were cancer.

I am still in shock.. I mean my parents are only in there early 50's. I didn't think you had to deal with things like this for another 10 years. I haven't really been willing to talk much about. Kelly says that I am in denial. Which may be true, but I am trying to remain calm and not let myself stress of over  everything or analyze all the possibilities.

I am posting this to ask for your prayers. Prayers for my mom and our family.. this diagnosis comes on the heels of my grandma's diagnosis of cancer, so between that me being 6 months pregnant and now mom our family has some big things going on right now.
We could really use some prayers to get through this.


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