Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let the Birthday Begin!

Seems like my last post created some buzz.. I want to thank those of you who sent me a note or a text of encouragement. I appreciate it, and while I am thankful to have people like you all in my life I really didn't mean for it to be quite so public. I completely forgot i was still attached to FB and shared my troubles with the whole world. I really meant to just write it for people like me who just can't understand why we can't get pregnant. I am

To tag on to my previous post though, after the 5th negative test i decided I needed to move on from my fixation and focus on things like it was business as usual. Which brings me to 3 favorite things i like to talk about. 1. MY BIRTHDAY and 2. Running 3. Vacation

For those of you that know me you know that i love love love my birthday, and could probably find a couple of posts in years past of my love for the celebration. This year though with how busy I am I am saddened to say I have not been on top of my normal birthday excitement. I blame this love on a couple of things: 1. my parents- they always made it a HUGE deal and when they got divorced i got double celebrations! 2. My friends- I don't know if this was a bentonville thing or not, but it was always a huge deal. All of my friends parents made it a big deal and they even made it a big deal when it wasn't their children. So really this isn't because I think I am fabulous and deserve some big party, but it was just the way it was and now... I love it. My poor poor husband has a lot of pressure on him around this time of year.
And now for my favorite thing to do.. My LIST!
1. toms
I also having been debating on adding the new ballet flats, but I have seen some bad reviews.. Thoughts? Are they as comfy as normal toms?
2. New Bedding!!!
I have been struggling with this one for a WHILE.. at first i was going to sew my own since i couldn't find colors i liked, but it isn't just doesn't make since cost wise. So now i am on the hunt.. I want navy and maybe some yellow or i go with blue's and teals.. i am hoping that I will be inspired by something!

3. Clothes-
what women doesn't want clothes?
I still love BR, and Loft. I also hate that NWA is lacking a Limited or a Nordstrom for that matter!

4. Michael Kors Watch-
Kelly got me one for Christmas and it has now given me the bug and I NEED another!

5. Diamond earrings- I know.. but I can't help but put them on the list
6. A new camera-
I got a Nikon Coolpix a few years ago and I can't lie.. Not a fan. The color is off and it doesn't do well at all with anything that may be moving faster than a turtle.
I am still in the process of research but would welcome recomendations?

Last on the list.... All the Xmen, James Bonds, Mission Impossibles movies--- but this can't be considered a present due to the fact that they will benfit both Carlson's!


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