Sunday, March 25, 2012

technical difficulties

Holy COW.. Love technology, but sometimes it is a royal pain. I have been locked out of my blog for like 2 weeks... I some how created a new blog under my email and for the life of me could not get back to my precious runningcarlson!! Tragic I know, but worry no more I have 1 more password to remember and hopefully I am back on the blogging track!

I won't bore you with a 2 week long recap, but I will give you the highlights.
I had my birthday and thanks to some fabulous family and friends I was blessed with a couple of celebrations and had a fabulous day week.  I will say the highlight of the day was when my wonderful and amazing husband supervised me with the earrings I wanted. He is a keeper.

So last June Kelly and I watched a documentary with his parents and Klee and it caused us to change the way we ate and convert to a vegetarian diet. When people find this out they normally think we are weird and once I was even asked if  I was PETA? So I figured I would give it a try and see how it went, basically agreeing to the facts in the movie and want to have a healthier diet I didn't know if it was something that we would be able to sustain long term. Then came my physical at the gym. When she took my HDL (Good Cholesterol) and the average number for a female is 60... mine was 110. The woman administering my test told me in the 7 years she has been doing the test she has never seen one so high. So to wrap this long story up, is why we are still vegetarians and have now taken on the juicing trend.

Kelly bought this 2 weeks ago on amazon and last week while I was traveling for work it came in. Let me just say this is like his new toy (almost as fun and exciting as his new ipad....almost) I got several pictures of the juice he made in my absence. 

In the past couple of weeks I have learned about some FABULOUS runs that are going on!
the color run
At this run they pelt you with dyed cornstarch and at the end of 3.1 miles you look like a rainbow rather than a hard core runner. The KC race sold out in a DAY!!

the tough mudder.. pretty intense 10-12 miles of running paired with 20-25 obstacles designed by military special forces. Not going to lie- I will have to step up my training in order to be able to do this one. I should start by swimming lessons.

Zombie Run
basically you run for your lives while zombies try to catch you and take away your lives (you get a flag football style belt and they basically steal these lives from you) Rumor is there is actually a river of blood.

Currently we are trying to plan our next family vacation. As it stands right now there will be a girls trip in conjunction with the boys annual golfing trip. The location for GW is still up in the air. Kaylee ( how I now call my BB- since she moved here last May it has been perfect, since she is my SIL I am completely allowed to spend extensive amounts of time with her. Which is why we are now Built in Besties or my BB) and I threw out San Fran or maybe San Diego, but that is a long flight that would eat in to some of our long weekend. 

New York was another one we thought of just since neither Julie nor I have ever been.
Any other recommendations out there from bloggers?


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