Friday, October 5, 2012

4 weeks to early... any advice?

What- 2 posts in one week! what in the world has gotten in to me you may ask? Well, we went to our 36 week check up on Wednesday and got the news that Princess Julianna would like to enter this world on her own terms... EARLY!

This news does not make her mama happy. In fact it stresses her.

Let me back up. Through out this pregnancy I have been pretty active. Even on Sunday Allison and I went for a 4 mile walk. I take the stairs up and down to the 3rd floor at work and I try really hard to park far away from the building... Turns out you can be to active during pregnancy.

Our Dr was pretty surprised to tell us that we have already dilated to a 2 and were at 70% effaced.
I was floored. Don't get me wrong it has always been a worry in the back of my mind that she may try to make her appearance early, but I was really hoping that she would make it at least to the 37 mark.

Poor Kelly is just sitting in the chair listening and not really comprehending what the implications of that really are. When he does finally speak he asks if that is normal?
NOPE! I still have 4 weeks that lil miss should be just developing and not trying to make her entrance early.

So Linz put me on some serious restrictions. No walking, not working out, come home and put your feet up..I know this sounds like such a great treat... but to me it really isn't. There are so many things I still need to do!

Install Car seat
Pack hospital bag
Clean up all the items from the shower and find a place for them!
Clean out a kitchen cabinet for bottles and baby items
Finish a couple of my outstanding sewing projects
Make and freeze some meals for when I am to tired to cook
Get a hair cut!
Kelly has some yard projects left
I think I could keep going, but I better stop before I get overwhelmed!

I think it set in on our drive home.. just how real this whole thing was. Kelly was so quiet.
The minute we got home he banished me to the couch. Have I mentioned how much I hate to sit still. HATE it. I hate going to the movie theatre because sitting in the theater for 2-3 hours kills me.  So you can only imagine HOW HARD this is on me.

Kelly went straight in to protector mode and questioned every time I got up to go to the bathroom. Which I am so thankful for, but I hate that I have to ask him to do silly things like get me my water, can you hand me this, could you move that. I even tried to sneak in some laundry while I was up on a bathroom break.. It didn't work I got caught. He even taunted me a little as he was unloading the dishwasher.

Kelly- "This is killing you isn't it"
Me- " Yes it really is"
Kelly- Laughing " Never again will you have to wonder why I don't do some of these things."
Me- " AH I know.. it is because I would go crazy if I didn't have things to do."

So since I am confined to the couch.. and searching for things to occupy my time..

Do any of you moms have recommendations for my what to take in the hospital bag?

What about any good book recommendations?

Also, if you could keep us in your prayers we would appreciate it!


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Angie said...

As hard as it may be you really should rest now before your baby girl arrives! I would suggest having your favorite chapstick or lip gloss in your delivery room bag. Birthing is a long process and you will want to moisten your lips!! Weird but true! Also, headband and ponytail holder.