Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cooking with the carlson's

While I was in MN I had some butternut squash soup and I really liked it. So I decided to make some this week for Dinner.

Monday night's dinner:
I got a crock-pot recipe for the soup, but it required pumpkin.. I guess there was a pumpkin shortage this year!!! So I decided I would do a different recipe. Thank You Emerill!
The soup was so good! Looks like baby food, but so good!

secret ingredient is ginger...

It really was soo flippin good!

where Callaway sits when I cook!

I think it is cause his bottom gets cold! :)

Tuesday night's dinner:
Kelly felt bad for me that I was cooking until almost 8 on Monday and he decided to make dinner! So he took the ingredients that were supposed to be for pumpkin squash soup and used them to make a soup! I couldn’t be mad that he had made a soup with the things I needed for the soup, because he did make a wonderful dinner and took the burden off of me for dinner. We threw a little herb goat cheese and some hot sauce in the soup and it was AMAZING!

Wednesday night's dinnner:
It was Spaghetti Squash! When we went to KC to visit shores she wanted to make it for us, but since we had never had it, we decided best not change it up on the night before a race.
I have been very intrigued since then though and I wanted to try it!

So thanks to food network I found a recipe for it!
I am not gonna lie that it is a little gross to scoop out the guts kind of like a pumpkin, but it was good, and very easy to make!

the pumpkin type guts

It really does look like spaghetti!

The finished product!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I post about the Pumpkin Crock-Pot Soup!

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you are tempting me to post my picture of my potatos... you know you cant compete (wow, did I spell that right it looks wierd)