Friday, December 18, 2009

"i should be a hair model"

Random title i know... but..
my husband has great hair and unfortunatley he knows it, so the other day he looks at me through our bathroom mirror and says, " I should be a hair model"
OH GEEZ! Then last night a group of us went out for dinner and everyone at the table started talking about how great kelly's hair is.. so now i would be surprised if him and his "great hair" will fit through a door way! :)

So I made my pumpkin soup.. not gonna lie, it was not the best experiment that i have done. It was not bad, but again it was not the best either. It was just a little bland. I had to add a bunch of Texas Pete to it. So I am pbly not going to be making it again.
Tonight though Kelly and I have a date night. I could not tell you the last time we have had a date night, normally it is not in the budget. Tonight however, we made an exception. We have Christmas shopping we needed to finish up and it stressed me out to think about cooking. We decided to have a date night instead.

Normally we each do our own shopping and then we have our traditional Christmas and doing stockings and gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day…Well this year we are heading to AZ for Christmas Eve and won’t be back until Tues the 29th. Then on New Years we are having some friends come in town and we have a wedding so we won’t be able to do it then, and I am big about making a night of it so I want to do it on a weekend. Well that leads us to date night. Kelly and I both want clothes and rather than send the other one off unattended. We have decided to shop together and spend our $$ that way!

We are starting the night off with…
Table Mesa
I love table mesa! When Kelly suggested it i was overjoyed!  It is on the square downtown. They have the best cheese dip i have ever had. HANDS DOWN!
After dinner we will head to Belk's cause kelly always finds good deals there, then maybe to the promenade for me.. banana is having a sale.. :)

Tomorrow we are getting up early and going for a run. Our first real run since the marathon. I am excited about it! After the run we are going to head to the gym for some classes then off to the movies! PS. I hate the movies. I know it almost sounds unamerican, but i just hate going. Kelly loves them though.. so he knows the way to get me to go is to offer a good ole' fashion chic flick! Which is why tomorrow we will be watching:
NEW MOON! The we are having Christmas with my mom!
Very exciting weekend.
I will post on Sunday with pictures!

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Hannah said...

that all sounds so fun! you'll have to let me know about all the goodies at BR.... not like I will actually buy anything. But I can at least live vicariously through your spending...