Tuesday, December 1, 2009

picture perfect

It makes me a little sad that the weekend is coming to an end. I feel like it just flew by! Thursday morning we did our turkey trot. Kelly & I ran 10 miles then headed to our first thanksgiving at my grandma's.
We had to strategize what we ate though, being careful not to eat to much and save room for the other thanksgiving. I am not gonna lie though I did sneak in a nap before i got up to help prepare. I was in charge of making the mac and cheese this year, and the 5 cup salad. My grandma always makes it and I love it! I get these on-line recipes and i got one last week for mac and cheese... i was a little nervous about trying a new recipe on thanksgiving, but it turned out very well!
**i will post pictures whenever i have time to get them off the other camera!**
We stayed up late playing wii again.
Friday morning me julie and kaylee arose at the beautiful hour of 3am to hit up black friday. We even had out route mapped out.

walmart 5am
old navy 3am
Kohl's 330
Starbucks 4
walmart 430
target 5
jcpenny 530
bath and body works 6
sears 630
home and in bed by 7? nope... i am the type of person who once i am up it takes a bit to get me back in bed..
So at about 1230 I headed for a nap. Slept until 2 then got up to get ready for dinner and the basketball game. We were going to dinner at ShoGun for kellys bday..
PICTURES--- i will post those when kaylee emails them to me! :)

Basketball game Friday night

I started reading New Moon on the way to dinner.. Kelly was very concerned when he heard me sniffing, until he realized that the tears were from me reading the book. "Are you crying?!" So needless to say I had to power through the rest of the book by Saturday evening so I could find out exactly what happened.

Saturday we had family pictures. We took them with Jeremy
We were supposed to be there at 2pm, we ended up finishing at about 4.. I know we are just so fun he didn't want us to leave!

He is so good! I love how artistic his style is!

Taking a break for football

Phat tire bike shop in bentonville kept us entertained for a bit!

So did RockBand..

After modeling for 2 hours we were starving so we went to Bobby's favorite place for dinner...

I love Whole Hog too though, so it is not like it is much of a struggle! I went home a finished New moon, and I was a little stressed out that I would have all of sunday with out my next book, until Kaylee told me about midnight sun, edwards version. So I googled and found it and it has held me over until today when Kerri could deliver Eclipse!


Hannah said...

hahahah... i love how obsessed you are with twilight!!! I bet Stephen is so happy to have someone to chat with about which team he's on. ha!

And the fam pics??? SOOOOO CUTE!!! Holy cow, I bet there are sooo many awesome ones! Can't wait to see the rest!

So have you seen the movies yet?!?!

Anonymous said...

wow I love the black friday schedule...You are crazy! I hope it was worth it and that no one was trampled! Anyways I hope you are enjoying eclipse, I havent read Edwards version, As you know I am more of a Jacob fan ;-) I hope to see you guys before everyone leaves for Christmas! last year me and Theron didnt see anyone till like mid january