Monday, December 14, 2009

20 below & a PT loser..

I am back!
I spent the week in MN doing sales calls for work..

The sky line from my hotel

This is what I woke up to!
20 below and a beautiful day

I was given a PT cruiser for a rental car, really?

You would think that if there is 3-5 feet of snow on the ground they would have SUV's accessible.. Not so much! I hate PT cruisers! hate them!

I was able to go to the mall of America! HOLY COW! It is very large, I was able to navigate my way through there quite well, but was a little disappointed.. Don't get me wrong it is HUGE, but at the same time they didn't have just some plethora of stores. I did get to go in the H & M and fell in love with the store! I also went in to Nordstrom’s and I love love love Nordstrom’s. We don’t have one in AR and I very rarely get to shop there. Now it is not like I bought anything, but it was FABULOUS to walk around. They have an amazing cosmetics department.

*So on the way to MN I had a 1 hour flight to DFW, then a 2 ½ hour flight to MN. I finished Eclipse about 10 min in to the flight to DFW. I was crying so hard that the man across the aisle was staring at me and went so far to check and see if I had just received some troubling news.. nope just heartbroken for Jacob, don’t mind me! For the rest of the flight I slept and dreamt of twilight.. I have a problem.

First free minute I got, I went to the bookstore. (Wal-mart’s are hard to come by once you navigate away from Bentonville!) To Barnes and Noble I went. So I find the book, they only have it in hard back, but I was desperate so I take er’ on up the counter sooo excited and she tells me Fifty bucks! A*&()&%^$^%$#!!! FOR A BOOK?

“well, it is the special edition with the DVD, soundtrack, and poster!”

WOW. Well I will suffice my romance addiction with a little Nora Roberts. Good ole Nora, she was only 8.

Well the only problem with that was I finished that one in a day. BACK to the bookstore. Got another Nora Roberts book. One that I have been wanting. Bed of roses. It is the 2nd one in a quartet. The first was Vision in White. I read it a while ago and fell in love with them. It is about 4 best friends that started a wedding company. One does the flowers, one does photography, one does food, and the other does the coordination. Each book is from a separate girl prospective. SOOO good. Romantic and cheesy, but I love them!

I finished that one on the plane home.. I flew through it. I was sitting my these very lous talkers. They kept describing every detail of this stupid came with armor, and different powers and time travel with kings and stuff. They then got on the subject of time travel and home to build a machine. Oh and lets not forget the Star Trek convention that one of them went to.. “it was totally awesome”

PS. They were at least 40 years old, and one of them smelled like a dirty diaper, a day old dirty diaper at that!

I was forced to summon all of my focus on the book and breathe through my mouth for almost 3 hours. Good times.

More tomorrow about the rest of my weekend!


Hannah said...

haha.... so many comments I don't know where to start! Ohhh the pt cruiser... those things are just dreadful!!!! And dissappointed in the MOA??? You may have to explain that better for me... Twilight? Yes, so good! So are you on the 4th yet? It's my fav BY FAR! So let me know what you think!

Anonymous said...

that was the worst thing about traveling in a foreign country... being in small confined places with people who do not bathe as much as americans. To quote me and my sister, "What is that intoxiating aroma..." "Oh yes... Cumin!"