Tuesday, December 22, 2009

these boots are made for walkin'

Well Friday we went to Table Mesa.. and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint! We had the cheese dip of course and we decided to split the chorizo fajitas with the homemade guacamole. Oh my goodness it was so good and since Kelly and I split the meal I was not like fat kid full. I was satisfied.

We normally are all about the tradition. This year though we both really just wanted some clothes. Rather than go shopping separately we decided to go ahead a do it together. It did make it less of a surprise, so I decided since I love surprises to sacrifice some of my Christmas shopping money to give to Kelly so he could get me some surprise stuff..
We did Christmas with my mom on Saturday night, kelly and i cooked a gourmet meal of take and bake pizza from sam’s! It was a lot of fun, my mom loves cheesy girl movies so I got her Made of honor & PS I love you (which by the way if you have seen this movie, it is good… BUT the book is 1,000 times better!) I got her a couple other random things that she loved. It is funny cause she always makes a point to thank Kelly, when we all know Kelly was just as surprised to see the gift as she was!

She got Kelly and I some stuff for the house as a joint gift. She got Kelly a gift card for his single present and then…First off let me say this- I love my mom, but I also KNOW my mom and when it comes to shopping, she really isn’t the biggest fan. She hates the crowds and just has never been a big shopper, so when I put what I wanted on my list I really didn’t expect her to go out and get it.. I just put things on there that I would love to have, but don’t really expect. I also know that she hates shopping on-line; it kind of stresses her to know that someone can see all her information and her credit card number.

With that being said, for Christmas I asked for grey boots the ones that look super cute with skinny jeans. Knowing that they were hard to find I was really just dreaming and I GOT THEM! So not only did my mom face the crowds to find them, but when she could not find them she went on-line to find them! This is a huge step and I am very proud of her! I also feel very special that she went to such great lengths to get the boots for me!

So I asked Kelly to take a picture of them for me to blog about, this is what I got.

Such a boy.

When I realized what he had taken a picture we had to go back and do a re-do…

SO here are the boots!

Mom had to get her grand-dog a present too!

I tried to get him looking in the bag but he was to quick for me!

this is where he stayed for the rest of the night.

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Hannah said...

love the comment about Kelly not knowing what the presents are any more than the person who receives them. classic. Also, those boots are Ca-ute!!! Lovin them!