Tuesday, October 12, 2010

just call me michelle... michelle wie

We had a busy weekend & I am still trying to catch up on sleep!
Friday night we had a family BBQ at my grandparents. It was a lot of fun and the food was SO good.
Kelly made my mema's day when he told her he loves my cherry dump cake, but he loves her's more! Sadly it was true though. Mema's dump cake is better! We took callaway too and I was so glad we did. The kids wore him out! They kept playing fetch and keep away with him. Piper, Jen's daughter is absolutely the cutest thing ever. She is 2 going on 13. Jen said she tells people that too. She took the camping light and ran around with it. Every time she would want to talk to someone she would turn the light on unaware that she was spotlighting and potentially blinding her conversation partner.

 We then moved our attention to the doggie door and how we could get cousin Brodi through it?
It proved to be a very difficult task... I know we probablly should have stopped this, but it was SO funny.

This was as close as we got.

Saturday we went to watch the game with HSC & Alexis, Aaron & Christy, Derek & Alexia, & Scott. Kelly rolled up in his aggie shirt and annoyed the whole group. Thankfully his cheering was kept to a minimum. After the game HSC, Alexis, & team carlson went to Fayetteville to meet JWOW & Kyle for dinner at Hammontrees. We had to make a detour and drop the rest of the crew off at Jose's for Scott & Brenna's joint bachelor-bachelorette party.

After dinner we headed back to pick up the rest of the crew at Jose's. That is when we got the FABULOUS idea to make smores! So all 8 of us stopped at Walmart and loaded up on:
Campfire marshmallows, vanilla carmel marshmallows, graham crackers, reeses chocolate bars, carmel filled chocolate bars, and then the standard chocolate bar... They were some really good smores!

Sunday.. Kelly took me golfing.
Do we see a resemblance?

Well my first actual lesson is on Wednesday, so I wanted to refresh on the basics..

Monday I had a PAL--Running Scared 5k meeting.
The top right corner has a place on my blog for you to register if you want to participate! If you register to run in the 5k you get entered in to win a Brinkmann smoker. You also get admission in to the haunted house!!

Today was my Dr. apt.. Cross your fingers and say your prayers that they figure out what is wrong with me. Also, James a co-worker of mines dad is having some health issues and could use your prayers. D, another co-worker's brother was in a car accident and on the long road to recovery so pray for them too.

**Thursday is a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish @ Eddie Haskel's. A portion of the proceeds raised with go to grant a wish. So please stop by if you have a chance.


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