Wednesday, October 20, 2010

pig sooie princess

Friday night Kelly & I met up with HSC & Alexis.. who by the way has started a blog!.. necessarynesting We hung out with them for a while, but we had to get home early since we had a service project the next morning.

Jess & Alisa

Katy & Kelsey

Jimmy loves to paint

Katy & Kristen working hard

Dallas working the corners

cute sisk family

Team Carlson

Saturday we got up early and headed up to the church to meet the rest of our life group. Our Service project was with Youth Bridge in Fayetteville & Centerton.
The whole thing was a bit of an issue to begin with.. We were originally supposed to go and work on a farm for an organization that provides food to the needy. We they gave me the run a round and never really helped a sista out, so I called my contact at the United Way and she helped me to get the word out. They sent an email out to everyone they worked with and Youth Bridge was one of the ones to respond. They put me in touch with Margret and she was the best volunteer coordinator I have ever worked with. If you ever have a chance to volunteer they are a great organization and she was wonderful to work with.

After we got back I went to go see grandma. My dad was out of  town and we try to take turns checking on her. So I took her to the craft fair. Unfortunately we didn't have time to go to the good ones. But we walked around and found some interesting things...
By the time I got home from errands it was 630. Kelly & I did something we never ever do.. Made a frozen dinner. What? Don't judge me! I was tired and Bertolli looked way better than anything I could have made. But I got a wonderful surprise when I got home..HE put the tent up!! we have yet to camp in it so Saturday was our first night to use it. It was pretty cold that night so I got the sleeping bags out.

Obviously Callaway thought they were for him.
So I take those outside, grab another blanket and some pillows. Kelly scoffed at me.
"what do you think babe.. that we are going to get cold?"
Me: "Um yes, it is really stinking cold out!"
hubs: "NAH..(cue wink) we have our body heat to keep us warm"
He then comes to the tent in just athletic shirt or socks...
Fast forward to 5am and there I am wrapped up in the blankets & there is Kelly shivering and clinging to Callaway for any type of body warmth he could get. Between teeth chatter I heard ppphhhlleeeasseee can we go in I am fffrreeeaazzingg.

Sunday we were hosting life groups at our house so I spent a good amount of the day getting ready for 15 people over. I made a fix it and forget it meal from the crock pot & potato soup.
other things that have developed...
I got my results back from the Dr.
Prognosis? Take vitamins, Say no, & get more sleep.. Humm good call. This week I have been home every night so far. That is a start right?

Work. I am currently a Market Research Analyst at work. That role had a defined job description when I first started in this role. Well like most jobs your role can change or evolve. We have a girl in our life group who has just recently had this very thing happen to her. I have had this happen to me, and for me it is a great blessing. This has allowed me to learn more about what we do and it has helped me to learn a lot of different programs and to be able to work on my word and excel skills. I am not gonna lie.. I need some help on my skillz with word & exel.

Crafts. Currently I am working on MIL Christmas present. That I can't post on here since she reads it! I am also working on SIL. She is a little harder.. I am not quite sure what I want to do with hers.
We have a bebe shower at church this weekend and Kelsey & I are in charge of the diaper cake. Funny that they gave the 2 girls that don't have kids the diaper cake! I was like a man in victorias secret. I was overwhelmed by all the choices. Distracted by all the colors. Confused by all the sizes. So I stopped some girl with a bebe strapped to her back and asked her to help the special kid. She helped me pick out some diapers so I took it home and set to work..
For the shower though I had to make some gifts.

Below is the trial tutu I made for Kim and her sweet bebe Kate.. she can now be the cutest little pumpkin for Halloween!

Here is the onsies I made for gifts. The Boss Hog one is for Alexis and HSC. They don't know what they are having so. I went with neutral.
The Pig Sooie Princess is for the baby shower this weekend. I want to make a tutu like the one I made for Kate. I hope to have time for it tomorrow.
JWOW let me use her sillouette to make it & WOW I am in love and I want one for Christmas...hint hint

Here is the finished product of the diaper cake

these are at my grandma's house!
Happy fall!
This is our fall treat...


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