Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Revenge on Riordan

Today, despite still feeling like something callaway threw up.. was a very good day. I had a meeting with Mike Rush at Rush Running. He agreed to do a silent auction item for Circle of Life which was already great, but he also told me he wanted to buy a table... which made my day. Then dad called and wanted to go to lunch after we got to talking he had some people that may be willing to help.
Friday was the pink ribbon lunch for Komen. Honestly, it didn't even cross my mind that I needed to be there. Well sweet casey called me at 10ish to see what time I was getting there. Whoops. Turns out, when you are the Co-Chair you kind of need to be at everything PINK! I am so glad I went though. I got to talk to our honorary chairs Peaches and Coleman Peterson. Peaches was my college prep counselor and she helped me apply for scholarships for college. She was so sweet and gave me some of the sweetest compliment, which were much needed! I hope to get some pictures soon!

We had the reunion this weekend and I am still wiped out. I haven't been feeling the best lately and I am sure adding a long tiring weekend didn't do much to rehabilitate the immune system!

Friday night was the football game. Which was neat to go back to the old stadium... oh WAIT it wasn't the old stadium. They now have some crazy fancy stadium complete with a jumbotron! Ok, so I may be lying about the jumbotron.. but it might as well be! I was disappointed with the way the school handled the alumni portion though. We had given them about 4 months of notice that we were all coming about ended up selling about 30 tickets to the game and they roped off this TINY section.. which was for every other alumni there. So needless to say we didn't last long.

Saturday was Family day So we headed to Riordan early to set up for Saturday night. Nicole, Christie & I spent the remainder of the morning wrapping tables in black and gold.. and hanging memorabilia. Family day was fun.. I however was family-less so I missed out on all the showing off of how cute every one's kids are. Kelly has some HUGE project do for his MBA and I felt a little odd walking up to family day with Callaway. I think I would have been dubbed the crazy dog lady.

How cute is preggo mandy!!

Saturday night was a bit of a cluster. For those of you who thought about going to Riordan Hall in Bella Vista for any type of event. Let me help you.. DON'T.

I will spare you all of the massive amounts of drama that came with this, but it was bad. We were promised things and they never delivered. The events planner no showed on the morning of the event so I was not able to express my concerns to her regarding the things that were wrong. She then kicked us out 1 hour early for people being rude. Can you do that?

It was great to see everyone and it made me a little sad that it has been 10 years and most of the people I haven't seen since high school...

Right now I got:

Amanda Faubus painting

Chucky Cheese

Razorback basket

Alberto Culver basket

Rush Running

Tano purse-Masons

Photography session with Sweet B's

Lost Springs gift certificate

Harps -cakes

Junior League-Cookbooks and Winter Dreams tickets

Lane Fuller Coleman-Custom furniture
If you see get a chance to shop at any of these places, or use their services.. DO cause they are sweet and donate to charity!

Then he told me the really good news... He got me golf clubs!! I played when I was younger, but haven't played much since then. Dad keeps telling me he will teach me, but he never does.. so... He GOT ME LESSONS too! Yeah. I asked the golf pro if I would be ready to play PineHurst when Kelly & the Carlson men go.. he told me if I was as good as my dad says he sees no problem in that!

Tonight we have a meeting with Harding about there MBA program coming to NWA..Do we think they need a teacher? I know a cute one that looks like McDreamy?


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Anonymous said...

Sorry about Riordan but I could have told ya! What a trainwreck! And I am crazydoglady too and I love it! Hope you and Kelly are well-and that we run into you soon. Cheers!