Friday, October 1, 2010

The first step is admitting you have a problem...

Just say no!

Ok that is what I will do from now on when I feel like I am taking on to much.

I also promise to try really hard to read the warning signs when I am getting close to taking on to much.

This weekend is the reunion. After that I can take a small baby breathe and recharge a bit.. before Voyage & the holidays! I think I just get in my mind that since the events are spaced out.. I will  be okay to work on a bunch of different things. Besides, I like to be busy right?? WRONG. I knew I had a problem when last weekend Kelly looked at me and said.. "I miss you being home"

Last weekend was the Charity Challenge. Kelly & went to the Dinner on Friday night with my new friend Amy & her husband Matt. They moved here recently from Atlanta. They unfortunately are Alabama fans, but I won't hold that against them.. Kelly & I won a tent. and he tried very very hard to buy the black lab that they were auctioning off. He even had a name for him.. Birdie. 1 because it is a bird dog & 2 because that is what his favorite thing to do when golfing, which he justified would go great with Callaway. Who got a new dog bed I might add..

It was  a long day cheering for the Razorbacks

Good morning my Love BUG!

Who needs bebe's when you have the sweetest bebe already!

I tried very hard to get Kelly to put the tent up the night we won it, but he said midnight was no time to pitch a tent. He did apease me with the promise of camping soon. So next weekend we are going with HSC & Alexis!!

Saturday night we had the Party at Eddie's. Allison, Kristy, & I worked the door.. Could have been cooler if we had ear pieces and walkie talkies, but what can you do? Love these girls they are fabulous. Can't wait to hang out with them again!

Kristy, Ali, & I

For some reason everytime I save this picture it flips it.. GRR..
Do we like the hat? Kelly hates it. I think i even heard referance of "Michael Jackson" come out of his mouth.

The laptop broke. After 10 good years it was done. So Kelly tells me HAVE to go get a new one. He first tells me that we are getting an ipad.

I do some research on this and find there are several reasons why we do not in fact need an Ipad. I present him with these facts & my research and he agrees. Good. Laptop price has now dropped from 800 to 400.

He then tells me we need a netbook.
I once again present him with the facts on why in face we do not need a netbook. He also agrees. Good..

Laptop price raised from 300 to 500. Not my favorite, but it is better than trying to blog on a bebe netbook. I am not getting any younger here.. One of these days when I do actually need glasses I am not going to want the bebe screen.

So we head out to shop. I tell him that I would like to price shop. I thought this would deter his spirits.. what was I thinking? I just gave him a present. Hours of wondering around the electronics aisle, yes please. I then realize my opportunity and seize it before it passes. "We can go to all of these store, and while we are out we need to go by Hobby Lobby and I need some fabric." I then strategically place it in the middle of the stores, so if he loses interest quick I still have the other stores and my threat.

Well as soon as we walk in I can tell I am losing him, so I promptly give him a project of finding me patterns. He is digging through the file cabinet for me, retrieves the assigned number and meets me at the fabric cutting counter. Where he begins to politely whine. Only to be cut off by some women we go to church with. They then proceed to dote on him about what a sweet husband he is and how sweet it is that he comes to help me and supports my passion.. Of course... Kelly is playing it up for all that it is worth like this is just a typical Saturday of him accompanying me to Hobby Lobby, next we will go see a romantic comedy, I will pick the restaurant, and the evening will end with me getting a back massage and a bubble bath... UM NO.

I wanted to laugh and tell them the real reason he was there is because he was about to get a new 500 dollar toy and knew he needed to be on his best behavior, but I let it go. Now I am sure he will be the talk of the ladies bible class on Thursday mornings as they are crocheting.. "oh that Carlson boy he is just so sweet.. he goes to hobby lobby and everything" Which don't get me wrong he is great, but he was pretty much stomping his feet as we were walking in to Hobby Lobby so I found the whole situation quite amusing!


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