Thursday, October 7, 2010

working towards a walker...

I guess yesterday caused some buzz with the blog. Amy (pretty good friends in high school.. got in to some trouble together.. not as close now, but we can hang out and pick right back up) sent me a message yesterday asking me about the test picture. "did you take all of those today???"
Me- "Heck no, I only took one but I googled pictures and threw the nasto pee stick away"
Amy--"GOOD, I was worried because all of those were positive and I wasn't quite sure how to tell you."
This made me laugh out loud...
Just so you know I went to JLO's house and took a nap again today..
So my SO sweet mother in law text me.. she is concerned for my health and tells me that she read my blog and is worried about me. Don't worry family I will be going to the Dr. next week.

I was thinking though yesterday after work.. I am an 80 year old in a 20 something body.
* I go to bed around 9:30 --if I had it my way I would be in bed by 9, but a majority of time I don't get that luxury.
* I go to the Library... I love to go to the library and check out books, as well as books on cd. I listen to those on the way home from work. On the way to work I like Mike & Mike in the morning.
* I heart the Farmer's market and I like to go on Saturday's with my daddy & grandma
* I have a miniature schnauzer.
* I like to eat dinner before 7pm.
* I talk to Callaway all the time.. in the morning I tell him bye, I love you, & have a good day.
* I love to sew
* Last but not least... I picked up my golf clubs today and will be taking lessons soon!

Tomorrow is Friday. TGIF.
We have the BBQ for mom tomorrow.
Sewing glass Saturday am--let me know if you want to go!!
Komen thing at the mall after that
Razorback game with some friends
Date night with HSC & Alexis &
CAMPING in our new tent!!!



Miss M! said...

Oh my goodness - I was totally thinking that about the photo of the tests too! I was like, well, maybe it's a different kind of test! LOL!

erin f. said...

I go to bed mega early too. Just wait until that pregnancy test does read positive, you will want to go to bed at 6:30! And I eat dinner at 5:30 every night, and I usually just eat random bites of what Ellie is having until I'm full!