Thursday, June 18, 2009

roughing it...

My friend Carrie is turning 27 this weekend.. so like any good friend i asked her what she wanted to do.. Camping.. that is what she wants to do. Don't get me wrong, camping is fun and i am very excited about this little adventure, but of all the things i thought she would pick for her big 27.. it would not be camping. Although, if i admit my selfishness.. im glad that is what she picked.
But.. very similar to me and the way that i like things done my way.. carrie was very concerned about our camp site, and when the old crazy man on the phone told her that they fill up fast.. she got it in her head that she would drive the hour drive to the campsite.. and STAKE OUR CLAIM. Which is one of the things i LOVE about carrie.. and something that i admire even more about her husband philip.. he just kind of sits back and holds on for the ride..
While carrie was pioneering for our site... i was doing the domestic stuff like grocery shopping..and i baked a cake for her birthday, it may be prettier than a paula dean cake..just sayin?
So to wrap up my adhd blog.. we will be canoeing and camping this weekend and i am so excited.. and i just cant hide it!

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Carrie said...

LOVE IT!!! OK, but...
1) You should be glad that we staked our campsite last night b/c 22 of the 33 sites were ALREADY taken!!! (see...if I wasn't OCD about some things, we would've been sleeping on a all in our back...sasquaches near!)
2) The drive was 1.5 hours (not 1)...we got home at 11:30p!
3) That's why I married Phil, b/c I can do what I want, and he's just along for the ride!!! (don't tell him I said that!)
4) The VERY moist and BEE-AUTIFUL birthday cake was SO MUCH better than Paula Dean could've EVER done.

You're a WONDERFUL friend, and I'm so ready to get on the road!!!

Love ya,