Wednesday, June 24, 2009

river adventure

So canoeing… am I the only person who doesn’t realize how FLIPPIN’ long a mile is on the river..let alone 13.2 miles. That is a half marathon of paddling!!
5am on Saturday morning my alarm went off, and nothing in me wanted to get up and drive 2 hours to paddle down a river. Needless to say 2 ½ hours later we were standing in a small canoe shop listening to some boy that looked all of 13 tell us the water was to low to float at “kyle’s landing” but, there was no way evers was going to take that for an answer, so they loaded our little canoe up and away we went.
So by 10am we were in the water ready to go. We had so much fun for the first 5 or so hours until we saw a sign that said “erby” by this time I am tired and in need of a feeding and so ready to get out of the canoe!! My joy was very short-lived, only to find out that we still had about 4-5 miles left. I wanted to pout and throw my paddle down, but it was carrie’s birthday so I put on my happy face and started flippin’ paddling-again!
For some strange reason Kelly caught his second wind and wanted to pretend we were on our “adventure race” so he proceeded to paddle CRAZY fast and we made it to our shuttle in about 3 hours. My shoulders are still sore..
The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, EXCEPT my precious friend carrie dropped not one but TWO hot dogs and proceeded to throw them down by our campsite.
With this open invitation we had some late night visitors.. Raccoons ate almost everything.. They ate the ENTIRE bag of marshmallows, 3 otis spunkmeyer muffins, and every bit of our chips… the ONLY thing they left was my triscuits.. should that tell you something?


Carrie said...

LOL!! LOVE it...LOVE it! What an adventure we had. But...look at it this way...NEXT TIME, we'll know exactly what to do, AND what NOT to do!!! Thanks for coming...we had a blast!

P.S...your shoulders looked really sexy this week. wonder why?!?!

Carrie said... the new blog name!