Friday, June 12, 2009


SO, last year kelly and i tried to run a half.. but i got it band syndrome and we sort of stopped..
well on valentines wknd (romantic i know) we went out and ran 6, the most we had ran in a while. So, we decided we should be training for something, so for the short story. We are doing our first half marathon on saturday the 13th!!!
i'm not gonna lie....i am sooo nervous, because no matter how well i do, it will not be anything compared to the people at work..which means i will catch a SUPER hard time.
Most people will say that running a half marathon is an accomplishment in itself, but i DO NOT work with most people. i work with the hardcore runners that have been doing this since they were old enough to walk. so, if you haven't figured it by now this is why i am soo nervous!

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