Thursday, June 25, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things..

These are a few of my favorite things..
So my sweet friend Hannah Montana posted something the other day about her favorite candy…so I am making my own list.
*I love diet coke, I also love mt dew… but to keep my girlish figure I do not drink it unless absolutely necessary.
*Peachies.. I forgot until yesterday how great they were-the ones from target-market pantry are the best.
*I love make-up- one of my favorite things to do is get ready.. not like get ready for work ready, but doing my make-up for a night out or something, like tomorrow for red, white and baby blue…
*I love shopping, love it.. I enjoy it whether it is for me or not, I just love to shop!
*Scrapbooking as 75year old as that sounds.. I love taking the pictures and creating pages that tell exactly what I was doing and thinking at that moment.
*Birthday cake ice cream from Blue Bell.. Quite possibly one of the best flavors ever-only way it could be better is if there was peanut butter.. which leads me to the next one.
*PEANUTBUTTER- I absolutely love it, I can eat it straight out tha jar with a big spoon!In all honesty, you can't tell I am eating an apple because it is so covered in peanut butter! I like the Skippy natural the best.Also if i could i would eat every Reese's product ever made. The Reese's eggs at Easter are the best!
*Traveling- I love it, the whole experience, hotels, road trips, the nervous feeling that I get in my stomach when I wait at baggage claim for my luggage-cause no matter what I always feel like they will loose my stuff!
*Dogs- If I could I would adopt every kind of dog in America!

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