Saturday, June 13, 2009


The new york times did an article in 2008, claiming that the half marathon is the "hottest new distance in running" with about 650,000 people competing in a half and only about 1% actually completing it the first time.
knowing that stat doesn't make the run any more motivating.
we got to the start line by about 5:45am, and i am telling you the nervous feeling would not go away.
I had three goals: (the carlson family has done this since we all began running)
1. to finish
2. to finish under 2:30
3. to finish in 2:10
i am not going to give all the long drawn out details, but kelly runs faster than i do.. all the time. about mile 8 though i saw him struggling up one of the 10 hills that were on the course. he looked at me and told me that if i didn't stay with him he wasn't finishing. So i slowed down and ran with him from about mile 8 until 12. At one point he looked at me and told me that if i would just slow down he would email everyone at work and tell them it was his fault i was slow!
The last part of the race was up a hill-not a surprise and i am telling you that i wanted to just stop, but i finished 2:13. I finished slower than i wanted but getting to help kelly cross the finish line was all worth it.
However, I am tired and a little sun burnt and need a good nights rest, and maybe a massage!

Everything she said is true...I would not have made it with out her. She was definitely my rock. However, you would not believe some of the things that came out of her mouth.

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Carrie said...

Wooo Hoooo!!!!! I am SO VERY proud of ya'll! I didn't know that only 1% of runners finish their 1st time. In that case, ya'll deserve some chili-cheese tater tots from Sonic!

Love ya'll, and am PROUD of ya'll!