Tuesday, August 4, 2009

story time

So.. we don't have cable. Not cause we are some freaks that don't believe in it, or only wear clothes made of hemp.. but because for about 6months before we bought our first house, that was all we did. We watched tv every night, if by some strange chance there was not a show on that night of the week for us to watch, we found one. CSI, Law and Order (svu is still my FAV) criminal minds, the mentalist, grey's anatomy, bachlorette, NCIS, Jon & Kate plus 8, food network, my first place, house hunters, should i continue??? Which as i am sure you can see is a lot! Not to mention football season-we watched them all college and pro.
When we got the house in Feb it was a foreclosure and not in bad shape, but not where we wanted it to be.. so we decided that we wouldn't get cable until football season. Well we have been working on stuff, but now Kelly and i have become frequent users at the library!
I should also mention i have ADHD.. Dr told me i was the worst case he had seen in a female in a long time--ouch! Well I don't take meds for it.. again not cause i am some crazy person and believe in the natural healing power of herbs and grass.. but because they changed who i was when i was on them... so my husband and the people that i love get the same person they have always loved.. people at work.. sorry-deal with it.
Anyway with this i have like 5 books going at a time.. currently on the nightstand is:
*Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets-I know i am over the age of 11, but everyone at work & church said how good they were so, i am reading them
*Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin- so far so good, just finished Love the one you are with.. it made me so mad i threw it across the room-only once cause it is a library book..
*Nora Roberts-Vision in white-WOW it was soo good i love her! I can read her books in a day or two
*In her shoes by Jennifer Weiner
*The bible
*Power of a Praying Wife-WOW i need this one a lot.. i may need a new copy soon
*2 running magazines one from July and now August
It makes my head hurt just thinking about it, and in all honesty if they would have had the new James Patterson book in.. i would have that on the nightstand too!!

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