Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wii fit i hate you...

So today we went shopping for our Sharing and Caring kids.. It was supposed to take 30 min. It was me and 2 girls from work, then we threw our boss in to the mix.. which meant the trip ended up taking an hour and a half.
I should have know we were going to have problems when I had completed my toy section purchases and he was still debating on clothes.. bad deal.. then after I had completed my clothes shopping he was still trying to find elastic wait pants!
It was a lot of fun we got all the kids taken care of after we had to take off about 50 bucks worth of toys cause our boss didn't so much add up the items right! the poor angry walmart associate.

So after our shopping expedition I went by to see my grandma to help her get ready for tomorrow. Then I headed home to meet the carlson's for a thanksgiving eve shopping trip. We went to Gap shopped for some sweaters, then went to Mimi's for dinner and I branched way way out on my food order. I don't like seafood at all or even lake food for that matter..
Well I skipped lunch today and was so hungry and decided to branch out....a BIG branch out.
I got Butternut squash ravioli with scallops!! It was so good though I ate it all!!

Then we came home and played a little wii.
Which leads me to my title.. we did  the fitness test and you had to play three sports. Baseball, bowling, and tennis! We all created our wii profile and took the fitness test. Kaylee was 79, Julie was 72, I was 72, Kelly 69, and Kurt was 26!!! Bobby, my FIL will be in tonight so we will see, knowing how athletic he is he will be a minor.

Tomorrow morning is our annual Turkey Trot. Even before Kelly and I were married. We were both still in school at Harding and we went to AZ for Thanksgiving. Well when we got there Julie informed us that we were going to be running a 5k (3.1 miles) on Thanksgiving morning, hence the tradition was born. That was in 2003 - 6 years later it is still going strong. Only difference this year is Kelly and I have to run 10 miles as opposed to 3!  

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