Friday, September 10, 2010

I heart short weeks & Cross Canadian

I heart long weekends! One of the main things I love about a long weekend is a SHORT week...Friday night was Cross Canadian!! I also Heart me some ragweed!

HSC & Alexis
aaron & christy

My friend Casey has the hook up and got Kelly & I the "vip" table passes. Which basically means you get your own bathroom, bartender, and a table to sit at.  We were just super pumped they were free!
We went with HSC, Alexis, & Aaron & Christy. Before the concert we all headed to Louies to grab some food. By the time we were done Reckless Kelly was already playing so we went straight in and sat with everyone on the lawn.

BUT, by the time Ragweed got on I'm not gonna lie I Geeked out and started jumping up and down. I didn't care about sitting at the silly vip table, but I did care about getting as close as possible. So Kelly gave his pass to Christy and we headed to the front.

This is where we started
we slowly made our may closer

Iphone pics.. don't judge

And THIS is where we ended up!!

Saturday morning I had a wake up call at 6:30. Since I went to bed closer to 1am this annoyed me greatly! We dog sat Bella for Kurt this weekend. Which don't get me wrong I love bella, but Kurt didn't bring her any food so she didn't eat Friday which means Saturday am she was very very hungry. So at 6:30 this is what I woke up to.

I headed out to get her majesty her food..and then we got up and started getting ready for the Razoback game. I have no idea what happened to me, but I didnt take any pictures and I am pretty sad about that.. We started out at Jwow's tailgate for the first hour or so, then headed to see HSC & Alexis on our way to meet Kathryn Ann at Tanners tailgate. I am soo glad college football is back!

Sunday morning we went to church and I went and saw grandma. She cracks me up. She is full of sass and I love her so much. After I got home Kelly and I loaded up he pups for a walk in the park. It was a little difficult to get a rotweiler and miniature schnauzer in the back of the jeep, but we managed it.

Kelly and I thought people were probablly looking at us like:
Why in the world would you get two totally different dogs? or Do you think they each had their own dog before they got together? Bella was like a sled dog dragging Kelly through the trail. They had a lot of fun and were so tried when we got them home.

Then Kelly did something that he never does, he requested we go out for chinese food! I love chinese food, but it isn't kelly's favorite so I was very happy to complie with this request. We also rented 2 movies. Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief & Clash of the Titans. Both were really good. I kind of got excited about Greek mythology and started studying up on the stories. I even want to read the Odyssey just to remember the stories again. Kelly told me to head on down to the library for that one!

Monday we went to HSC & Alexis' house. They were smoking meat all day and we were having a neighborhood cookout. We had brisket, pork, buffalo dip, cheese dip, stuffed mushrooms, grilled veggies, capri salad, baked beans, & bacon wrapped dove. A TON of food.
I made Volcano cake with my new Pampered chef rice cooker and YUM it was so good. The next time I make one I think I will try a red velvet cake.

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