Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What about Wednesday--- pregnancy

Last night was the Komen kick off party. It was a pretty good time. I wish we would have had a better turn out, but everyone one else seemed to think it was a good turn out. We had it at the embassy. They had some cute decorations and we talked about the race for next year!

This is my attempt to take our picture..
Me, Stephna, & Casey

table decor

Couldn't do it with out volunteers

So I have been a HORRIBLE Blogger  and I really am trying.. I think I have taken on a little much, and something has got to give.. so sorry dears it is the blogging. I have accepted I have a problem and I am working to make it better.
What about Wednesday--
Pregnancy is in the water & happily/sadly it is a fast moving virus going around to all my sweet friends..Lets count down my friends:
First up was Emmy (Bff & college roommate)
JWOW( cubicle mate & "work friend")
Alexis (neighbor, friend, married to marcus)
and now... KATHRYN ann!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bff since about birth

So let me tell you I am super excited for all my friends.. happy they are going to have their very own bundle of joy. It also makes me sad. Sad for the fact that we aren't there yet & despite what everyone says when they see me sew a baby dress. If I have the baby fever, it is a mild case- temp read--99 we are entering the low grade stage.. not a high baby fever stage.. I mean if I was a baby you totally wouldn't even take my behind to the DR!!
So I am sad because they are all there and all experiencing these things and we are still a year or so behind them. This is no reason for me to increase my baby making temp, and I will not, because truth is we aren't ready yet. I also know that having a kid does not make you put your life on a complete hold, but it is life altering. No longer will I be able to call kathryn ann and have her meet me for dinner after work to talk about the horrible day I have had.. There is now another person to think of..JLO and I will no longer be able to go sew after work.. bebe to think of.. got to pick him up from day care.. In case you missed the memo.. big changes can sometimes stress me if I have not planned for them. Kathryn ann getting prego was not a  large change that I had planned for...hence the small freak out.

I love bebe's and  I am excited about when Kelly & I have one, but right now it just seems like everyone i know is PREGGO!
Random bebe things:
the "Nosefrida" which allows loving parents to literally suck the snot out of their children's noses.
 Baby Bottom Fan
Upon wiping the meadow muffin off of your beloved’s hiney, why not give her the cleansing pleasure of a Baby Bottom Fan? This eerily phallic-shaped mechanism boasts the ability to dry excess moisture off of your baby’s behind and prevent various skin ailments. We were disturbed by the “built-in anti-microbial fragrance dispenser” as it is not recommended to use more than the mildest of soap on an infant.

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Whitney said...

Well it's official we are the last two married couples in NWA who are waiting to have kids. So... we need to hang out.