Thursday, September 2, 2010

I know now the feeling of writers block. I really and truly have nothing exciting.. so I will do little bits and pieces of what has happened as of late.
I had a huge huge craving for ramen noodles the other day. I use to eat them all the time when it was just me and my mom.. I loved them. Well I was talking to one of the guys at work and he mentioned something about ramen noodles and I just wanted some so bad.. so I texted a few people and... Ladies and Gentleman.. we have Beef Ramen and I am Happy, and full of sodium!

The other day I was coming home and we have a small laundry room, well the iron and ironing board was out and I had my big pack mule size bag and I ran smack in to the ironing-board and knocked off the VERY heavy iron on to my toes. I said some not nice words to the evil iron and then refused to look at my toes because I was scared by the amount of pain i was in could only equal broken toes. finally I put my big girl panties on and looked. THIS picture does not do it justice!!!!!! i swear the non bleeder was PURPLE you just can't see cause the lighting isn't good, but I swear it is bad.

JB Hunt sponsored a wish kid on Friday and Amanda and I put together.. here are some of the pictures.. thanks to James B for being our photographer!

I call callaway bug.. short for love bug.. now you see why

Tomorrow is.........

Tonight is our 2nd Sew Something class...
we are making tote bags!
Come back tomorrow for pictures!


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