Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tutu time

This weekend was a good one. It would have been better if I had another 3 day weekend, but can't have it all huh?

Friday I went out to dinner with a group of friends from church.. Nope no pictures. GEEZ I am a loser.. I have got to pick it up! This camera situation has gone from bad to critical!

We headed to olive garden for my friend Kirsten. She wanted some of the never ending pasta bowl.. Not gonna lie, wasn't bad! We tried the 2 new sauces one was a meat the other was a mushroom. I love mushrooms normally, but this one wasn't my favorite.. They went a little over board on the bread crumb topping and it really over powered the sauce.

Saturday Kelly was building a house for Habitat for Humanity and I was left to my own devices..

I got it in my head on Friday that I wanted to make a tutu. So after my Saturday morning run I came home and had a hard-core urge to clean. I blame this on Alexis. I was over there last week and she had labeled cabinets.. like with a label maker, this made me feel a little inadequate in my organization skills, which lead me to do a fall clean to squash and question about my organization skills.

Step one take clean all counters until they shine

2 Clean all stainless steel appliances.

3 take all things out of the cabinets and organize:

Now all blue serving pieces are in one place. All red dishes and cookware is in another location. All white pieces are in the china cabinet. All other items are with Pyrex. Ahhh the balance has been restored to the carlson house. I then took everything out of the pantry, got the shop-vac and went to town.. The pantry was shop-vacd, all baseboards are vacd as well as the hardwood floors. Life is complete!

I then headed to Hobby Lobby for some tutu making essentials!

Here was my inspiration.

2 yards of orange tulle
1 yard of black tulle
elastic 3/8 inch
1 1/2 inch ribbon

I got the pumpkins to put in between to layer.. they were a little to heavy so I was forced to hot glue them in.
Totally burnt the top layer of skin off my finger so BE CAREFUL!
I cut the tulle to 24" long (then folded in half)
made the wait 36"
36" ribbon
cut elastic to 18"

sewed the tulle together
sewed the ribbon to the elastic on both sides to make a casing
stuffed the elastic through the casing
sewed the elastic ends together

Model on the dog...
CUE husband yelling a demand the dog be removed from the girl tutu...

Do we like?


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Miss M! said...

Well, I think the dog looks ADORABLE. :)