Friday, September 17, 2010

Pearls,Pinafores, & sew much more....

Yesterday was our Sewing class for aprons. Oh my Goodness they are so stinking cute. I am literally holding myself back from jumping up right now and going to hobby lobby to buy the pattern and make SEVERAL! I feel like the look of them is very 1950's. That the girls should be in dresses, heels, & pearls...

This one used Bias tape with was a new thing for all the girls.. jenni from the block had used it before, but no one else had.

You pick 3 different fabrics

Then cut 3 almost half moon circles out of the 3 fabrics you have chosen.

sew the bias tape around the bottom of the half moons.. all 3. It is easiest if you iron and then pin as you go along.

after all 3 layers have the tape on them, then sew all 3 layers together.. Longest one on bottom, middle then shortest one on the top. then you will sew your waist band on easiest way to do this is place the "pretty side" of the apron face up, and then pin the "pretty side" of the fabric to the apron. Sew together then flip up the waist band and iron. fold over and sew to the "ugly side"

then you sew the ties to the waist band and......TADA

I was a little late to the sewing class because I was part of a healthy living focus group.

I haven't done one before and I just go this email asking me to be apart of it.. The thing took an hour to do.. which wouldn't have been that bad, but I was late to sewing so I was annoyed. Not to mention that everyone from the group seemed to be from the NE except me. Right off the bat I could tell these people were nothing like me & that Wal-Mart & Quaker were the companies that were pedalling their service & backing this focus group. I was the only person without kids, the only person from the south, & the only person under the age of 30... which I wonder why they picked me. All of the products they were demoing revolved around living a healthier lifestyle and saving you family time in the morning. So while everyone else through out the 8-10 ratings.. this kid was giving out 3-5's..But i have no interest in a program that is going to help me pick foods that are most nutritious for my hubs & then different products that are going to be most nutritious for my baby.. I have probably been banned from the group for being to opinionated..

Tonight Megs & I are goody bag stuffing for charity challenge next weekend.,then tomorrow I have to work at the samplework at the sample sale for C.C.... It starts at 10 am at the Fiskars office if any of yall want to go..should be some good stuff & the $ goes to C.C. which funds the crisis center...

The Sunday night life groups start back up. Since Kelly & I are leading one this year we are having it at our house.. then Monday MIL comes in for the week...

Monday night reunion meeting, Tuesday is a Komen Meeting, Wednesday is COL, Thursday is sewing, Friday, Sat, & Sun is the Charity Challenge... and I am tired just thinking about it!

I hope you pretties have a wonderful weekend!!

PS. jwow's shower was today. She got me Bath and Body Works for saying thanks.. HOLY COW. Autumn is the candle she got me.. I am in love it smells so so good!


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LG said...

Those aprons are sooo cute! I am also loving that Autumn candle!