Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SEW close to Christmas!

Can you believe there are only 52 days until Christmas?
Callaway isn't worried about it though, he is just chillin'.

This seems absolutely crazy to me! With getting in to the Christmas spirit here are a few things that I am loving right now...

Over the knee boots. No not pretty woman style boots, but more of the rebel without a cause motorcycle style. I am thinking black is what I need most of, but I keep getting drawn to the precious brown ones!!

These are Steve Madden from Victoria's Secret
$289--ouch LOVE is painful!

These are also from Vikki's they are by Sketcher and only

Last these are from Jessica Simpson
middle of the road with $160

Dear over the knee boots.. i heart you!

A serger.. I have been really working on Christmas presents here lately.. which if you are my mother and reading this you need to stop right this minute.

Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, and STEP AWAY from the HP! Anyway, I have been working on what i am going to make everyone this year. I am very excited about these projects because I love shopping for people and taking the time to pick out the perfect present. I do not love when no one tells me what they want and I have to do a stupid giftcard. Don't get me wrong sometimes they are ok, but I just like the personalness that comes with picking out something and now even making something.

So for my mom it was tough, but I thought I could make her a bag. She can either use it as a casual purse, a small travel bag, or even a sassy lunch bag!

This bag was a great project and I really liked working with the canvas material and will probably make another one. I am working on my SIL & MIL's gifts too, but I don't have pictures of theirs yet as soon as I do I will post.

These were at a local store here and I had to take a picture.. the Hog ones... THIRTY bucks?? for real? I can do that! The other was 15!! DONE. I am making those this weekend! 

This bag was a great project and I really liked working with the canvas material and will probably make another one. I am working on my SIL & MIL's gifts too, but I don't have pictures of theirs yet as soon as I do I will post.

Which brings me back to the fact that if I had a serger some of the projects would be much easier.. but at the same time I have done ok without one, but i just kind of feel like it would make my life easier...

Next up the Silhouette. Jenni from the Block has one and not gonna lie it is a whole big cup of AWESOMENESS.

There are a bunch of really cool projects that I could make and I feel like all those baby showers I go to, gifts would now be a snap!

A jacket... My Northface got a substantial amount of paint on it when we moved in to our house (since we were painting at the beginning of February)I found a couple of cute ones online...

Guess what I found these past few weeks? MY RUNNING SHOES! They didn't runaway on me after all. I was a little worried there for a bit that they were going to peace out on me since they hadn't seen the light of day for about 3 months (DANG YOU SUMMER). Well I picked up my precious pearl izumis and they hadn't missed a beat. Now I can say with complete honesty that I am not one of those people who can take the months off and then pick up my Paula Radcliffe speed back up.. WHO am I kidding? I never had Paula's speed.. Oprah maybe, but never paula.

Marathon Time.. 2:15:25

lets all just have a moment of silence for RR's abs....
Ryan Reynolds, NYC Marathon, 2008 (3:50)

Oprah Winfrey, 1994 Marine Corps Marathon (4:29:15)

Katie Holmes, 2007 New York City Marathon (5:29:58)

Mario López, 2002 Boston Marathon (5:41:42)

It does make me feel FABULOUS that I dominated Mario's Marathon time...
Now if only B would run a marathon I would be a happy kid.

So I went ahead and took the leap and got my lil training plan all mapped out. This will help me be ready to go for the moment that it gets in to Kelly's head that we are in fact doing the LR full. I have been mentally preparing myself. Each week I have been adding miles. Well this weekend I was supposed to run 6 for my "long run."

(The way the plan works is 3 days a week I run. Monday is an easy run, Wednesday is a speed/hill/tempo run, and Saturday is the long run. Most people start a marathon plan with the long run already up to about 8 miles. Well Since I haven't seriously ran since May I needed to get back to that point. Then each week you and 2 miles to your long run..) Since I am starting this so far out we are able to add 1 mile a time on our long runs up until the 14-16 milers. Well I waited to late to run and I was still really full from breakfast on Saturday so Queen Quits-a-lot stopped after about 3 miles. Me being SUPER frustrated with myself I headed to Hobby Lobby to get some fabric.. and while I was there I treated my quitter self to some Andy's frozen custard..
Now in my defense I have wanted some of this since the beginning of October and had yet to indulge. I did it up right though.. James Brown-(vanilla with brownies) But instead of the hot fudge that goes in the middle.. this fat kid got peanut butter in the middle. I did this so when Sunday rolled around my inner skinny would yell at the outer fat that ate the custard and BOOK IT!

Sunday I ran 5 @ 8:30 pace. UGH! Then on Monday I had channeled my inner skinny again and was READY.. well it was thundering and lightning so no go there.

Which brings me today. On the schedule we had 5 mile tempo run. 1 warm up 3 @ 8:10 pace & 1 cool down.
I did the first mile in 8:36

mile 2 in 8:05

mile 3 in 8:01

mile 4 in 7:50

mile 5 in 8:18

Right at 41 minutes...

Which I am pretty proud of! With an average of 8:10 per mile. Since I was only really supposed to do 3 miles at that pace.. it will work just fine for me!

**PS** here is what I made with the fabric from Hobby Lobby..It is going to be a quilt.. this is my first square***


This is the cape I made for Luke.. Jim's Son... No pictures yet of him in it..
 Yep.. kids.. I am big time.. that little beauty is in fact reversible!


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