Tuesday, July 21, 2009

college days...

This weekend I had one of my FAVORITE treats…which reminded me of college.
I love my husband and love spending time with him and being married to him..but having said that- there are many things that I miss about living with girls.. not all girls.. just emmy and sara pp..
Emmy- emmy introduced me to the reason I am writing this entry.. Popcorn and marshmallows..with a lot of m&m’s.. I crave it at times and sadly enough Kelly isn’t a fan of popcorn or marshmallows which means it is got to be an almost holiday for me to get him to agree to it! But with emmy and I it was anytime.. sometimes even for dinner.

5 min game-quite possibly the greatest game ever invented! You have to rub the other persons back for 5 min, then switch. IT IS GREAT.. as long as you are playing with someone that doesn’t suck at giving a massage, which is why I played with emmy.
Walk & talk- where we would just walk and talk about life and sometimes determine who we would marry Dean Mote or....yep no one else could win that one
Sink-She is …well was… missing the domestic gene. One of the best days ever is when she put the sink stopper in upside down and the actual handle part was shoved so far down the drain i had to go borrow needle nose pliers to get it out (only now after being marries 3.5 years do i know that is what they are called-at the time they were "the thin grabby things")best part was she did the dishes in the sink and i had to stick my hand down in nasty dirty dishwater to get this out..oh and the reason we she was washing them in the sink.. is because she wasn't allowed to use the dishwasher.. she put liquid dish soap in it..
oh emmy..

Sara pp-hands down by far easiest person to live with.
organization-closet assorted by colors.. NO WIRE HANGERS and everything was evenly spaced out between each shirt or pair of pants.
Sonic-no matter what she was my happy hour partner, we rarely ever missed a sonic happy hour-if we had to dig out the bottom of our seats, use laundry quarters or write a check for 1.50 it didn't matter we went to sonic..man if only i could do that at work!
listening- best listener...enough said
shower-sara's happy place was the shower... it like a saying you could find on some 1950's commercial...in a bad mood-take a shower..life making you sad.. take a shower..
SOOO to end this walk down memory lane-popcorn, marshmallows, and M&M's... all of these flooded back to my mind like it was yesterday because of this FABULOUS treat!