Friday, July 17, 2009


today after much tormenting from the people that i work with.. i have realized that i am a planner.. i start planning on monday for the next weekend. I make lists i check them off and then i am like Santa Claus.. i check it twice!
i make lists and i am a creature of the list..for example
8am i eat breakfast-yogurt and dry oats
10am snack-kashi bar-almond is my fav
1230-1-lunch-tuna and rice, chicken and veggies, or leftovers
during the day i have drank at least 2 nalgene bottles-i drink the first one before lunch, usually the red one, i drink the blue one after lunch
5pm home from work
6-i make the coffee for the next day, fill water bottles, and make lunch and breakfast
10pm bedtime
now the random part is i will have some spontaneity (kellys mom is a flight attendant-so we fly for free)sometime we just go to the airport hope on the first open flight and go.. I would do that and love it.. but on a day to day basis, not a chance.
We were supposed to go to a Make-a-wish meeting this week.. two weeks ago i put this meeting on my calendar. I knew the time, but not the for seriously a week before the meeting i asked my friend Sarah where the meeting was.. i thought she was gonna hit me! just for the record the next meeting is aug. 11th at 630 & it is already on my calendar.
I love that kelly has accepted this neurotic behavior and will indulge me to a point.
When we are on a run, he is faster and has the garmin (GPS for those of u who don't know) and now after our 3 1/2 years of marriage he will tell me ahead of time what the route will be, otherwise i have such a hard time with the run that i wont do good.
Our 1/2 that we ran in june..we went the night before and drove the course so that i would be prepared for what the run was going to be, but the day of the run--the course was different!! kelly told me after we finished that he was worried it was going to ruin my run.. it didn't but it was cute that he thought of me!