Friday, July 24, 2009

girly girl

As many of my close friends know.. I am not a girly girl.. never really have been.
Growing up i would way rather play football with the neighborhood boys than play house with the girls. Now having said that i loved me some Barbie..
But i was never the girl that had to have a pink room. When i was 6 and the parents were going through the big asked me what color room would make me smile and I picked yellow.
So having said all of that I don't really like pink. But last Saturday morning it was off the the running store to get new running shoes. I might add that we went to the running store after I attempted to trail run around lake Fayetteville and only really succeeded in eating dirt and slicing open my hand on a giant root!!
But it was off to the store where i told the sales girl exactly what shoes i wore.. in fact i had them on and showed her the tag!! She told me i would have to get the new model.. and then proceeded to show me those above.. ALL PRETTY IN PINK.
I think Kelly could tell the expression on my face was not an overly excited one because he quickly told the sales girl.. "we don't buy shoes on the way they look, so those will be fine" Well they had to order them so I left empty handed..but when over the next few days i think about the shoes.. so i decide to pull up the shoes online only to realize home girl got the wrong flipping shoes!!!
So I call her and get the whole mess straightened out.. and i have to wait another week to have my shoes... but the good news they come in white and blue!

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