Tuesday, July 7, 2009

triathlon.. shamathalon

Technically it was a triathlon..

Thursday at work I get this text.. from my crazy husband!
Telling me that tomorrow we are going to do the "carlson triathlon"
He has decided that we will run 8 miles, bike 10 miles, and then swim.
So I go along with plan because now I have decided that we should do this up right!
Get shirts made and stuff!!
So my friend hannah montana texts me thursday and lures us away from the triathlon with visions of a relaxing day at the creek! So we give in and reschedule for saturday.
Saturday morning we get up and head to the bentonville trail. We complete our 8 mile run in the rain, and when most NORMAL people are running for their cars.. we walk to ours, stretch a little and get the bikes off the back and begin the bike ride portion. We continue to ride for 10 miles in the pouring down rain..
So by this point, we have decided that swimming may not be the best thing. But we have rationalized that this is technically a triathlon since we did our 2 events in the rain..

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